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Sleeping Bags

For quality sleeping bags, the perfect accompaniment to your travel pack or wheeled backpack look no further than The Luggage Professionals, Australia's leading luggage retailer. We look forward to helping you buy the sleeping bag you need, online or in store, so shop with us today for the best advice and best price!

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What's all the carry-on?

In Australia all our airlines adhere to either a 105cm or 115cm domestic carry-on bag size limit. Use our quick guide for major airlines, for smaller airlines please check your booking confirmation or with the airline.

Sleeping Bags - Carry your Comfort With you


Anyone who has ever been camping or hiking knows the value of a sleeping bag, because when you're deep in the wildernesses, sleeping on the cold forest floor will be possible only in the warm cocoon of a sleeping bag. Although it might be hard to believe, but sleeping bags, or early versions of it have been around since mid 19th century. They were sold to the Russian and British Armies, which were probably the first users of the sleeping bag.


Sleeping Bags are an indispensable tools for campers and adventure seekers who like the thrill of roughing it out in the wild for a couple of days. These protect you from the harsh weather, rough floor and little insects that lurk on the forest floors.


The Luggage Professionals Collection of Sleeping Bags:


Caribee is a brand that is known for its superb quality outdoor gear. The brand is internationally acclaimed for using the latest technology in their products for them to have a longer life. It is because of their commitment towards their consumers and passion for making the best products which makes them a much loved brand internationally. And a favourite among the adventure lovers.


At The Luggage Professionals, our aim is to provide the best travel gear for you to help you have the adventure of your lifetime, and this collection is an effort in that very direction.


Caribee sleeping bags have been designed specifically for camping and hiking, keeping the external elements and needs of the consumer in mind. These sleeping bags are:


• Compact and lightweight sleeping bags so that you remain at ease on your adventures.

• Constructed from strong, resistant material

• Incorporated with Heat Shield Technology for better heat retention


Let your fun-filled days end in comfortable nights, so that you wake up fresh for the next day's adventure.