5 Must Have Bags A Woman Needs To Own This Season

October 06, 2015 2 min read

Buying bags may be a hobby for some. But selecting the trendiest ones in the fashion industry, is an art! Women around the world try hard to follow the trends that rock the fashion industry each year. If you are a fashionista who wants nothing less than the very best, here's a list of 5 must have bags that you need to own in any season.

The age-old satchels are still selling hot:

Satchels are back in stock! The exclusive range in business satchels is available on The Luggage Professionals store. The utility of bags dates back to ancient Greece, and today it is considered the ultimate accessory endorsed by top fashion brands. The business range in TLP offered unique blend of utility and style.


The cool and easy to carry cross-body bag:

A cross body bag is about convenience and style. It works often as a last minute rescue bag, as it is easy to throw it around the body, and get going. Take a moment to look at the coolest sling bag at the TLP - Pacsafe Metrosafe 150 GII RFID Anti Theft Cross Body Sling Bag . The sophisticated bag retains the anti-theft features that make it a must addition to keep all important documents or mobile phone/ iPod. Look at our collection and add coolness to your look!

Pacsafe Metrosafe 150 GII RFID Anti Theft Cross Body Sling Bag

Clutch for the stylish you:

A lady holding a chic clutch in her hand is a sight one wouldn't want to miss. Well, this handheld may be a little high- maintenance but you cannot afford to not to have it in your wardrobe! At least one clutch is a must-have for any lady who wants to flaunt a complete wardrobe. Order one online from our store, if its missing in your collection.


A leather tote bag, the wardrobe staple:

If flamboyance be the food for thy soul, carry a tote! Shakespeare didn't say that, but it is true nonetheless. A tote is an absolute symbol of glamor and royalty. The Solo Executive 16" Leather Bucket Tote takes the tote experience to a whole new level. Check out a range of exclusive collection at our store.


A Duffel to make it sporty:

Not every occasion demands a formal attire and bag. Embrace the sporty exuberance of a Duffel for your next beach party! Or next time when you plan to wear a casual T and denim shorts! The adorable Duffel bag is a perfect travel companion when you don't want to carry a suitcase around. A perfect weekender option, a Duffel is a must-have in the collection.


Fashion trends may vary season, to season, but the above 5 must have bags will always be the trend-setter.

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