The 2016 Caribee Backpacks To Be Available Soon!

September 24, 2015 3 min read

They are on the way to our store! The innovation in travel luggage and backpacks! We are talking about the 2016 Sky Master and Fast Track Series from Caribee. And are these a traveller's delight or what! These new-age backpacks are build to exceed any backpacker's expectation and deliver functionality for all kinds of journeys.

The Luggage Professionals will soon have the 2016 Caribee Sky Master 70, 80 , 40 and 45 L and the Fast Track 85, 75 and 45 L in stock. These bags and backpacks are claimed to make even the best of travel gear green with envy. Let's explore these models and see whether they will make the cut for a seasoned traveller. These backpacks were launched in Germany in July 2015 and are expected to make Caribee an even more favorite travel gear brand! Let's find out how.

First we dissect the Sky Master Series:

Caribee Sky Master Backpack

Sky Master series travel packs score in the following areas:

1) Design & Styling – Caribee combines the convenience of a wheeled pack with the functionality of a backpack to create this power travel pack! With a bio-foam harness and foam padded hipbelt, lumbar support, oversized ALL-TERRAIN wheels, zippered compartments and a separate shoe compartment this bag is the ultimate travel pack for all your destinations. Did we mention the push-button trolley system?
2) Capacity – The Sky Master series backpacks are available in volumes of 80, 70, 45 and 40 (the international carry on size) and weigh 5.1 kg, 4.85 kg, 2.95 kg and 1.2 kg respectively. Travellers can, thus choose these backpacks according to their travel destination or according to the purpose and duration of their journey.
3) Features: The backpacks in all weight categories are lightweight vis-a-vis their counterparts. Offering all the benefits of a standard travel pack, these Caribee bags also feature a solid and durable compression system, an organised internal storage system with organisers, detachable straps and packs in bigger models.

Fast Track Series Backpacks:

Caribee Fast Track Bags

Like the Sky Master series, the Fast Track series backpacks are crafted with a lot of thought and experience. Let's see how they make the best alternatives to Caribee Sky Master backpacks.

1) Design & Styling – The Fast Track series are also wheeled backpacks with a slight difference in design. Like the Sky Master travel packs, these also feature many practical and useful functionalities. This model also features padded harness and an efficient trolley system.
2) Capacity – A bit bigger than the Sky Master series, these are available in 75 L, 85L, 45L and 32L volumes. They are lightweight in their respective style categories and extremely easy to carry. The models feature well-organised internal compartments which makes the storages extremely convenient.
3) Features – This wheeled backpack features a “clip off” detachable daypack, concealable padded harness and push button aluminium trolley system, along with an internal waterproof toiletries pouch. All-in-all, these range of backpacks, with a great compression system and back support, are extremely useful for almost all kinds of journeys and travel plans.

Caribee has put in the brand's 40 years of experience in the luggage industry to come up with these holistic travel packs. If you too want something that can be a travel companion on all sorts of adventures and journeys, we suggest you consider the Sky Master and Fast Track luggage from Caribee as one of your top choices. These will make a great buddy for your back!

The Luggage Professionals will announce as and when these are available for purchase in our store! Until then, check out other luggage brands on Australia's favorite luggage store.

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