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September 17, 2016 2 min read

"After more than one month on the road, these backpacks have our seal of approval and we’re looking forward to many more together" Nat & Bonny from the CHECKIN-OUT travel blog

A few months ago we met the very lovely Nat and Bonny of the travel blog Check In-Out, and conversation quickly turned to their upcoming trip - a gap year spent travelling Europe and Central and South America. After getting over our extreme jealousy talk quickly turned to how they were going to pack for their year abroad and the various adventures they would embark on.

We have ourselves spent 7 months travelling and knew from our experience that good access into the bag was a must, as was some external pockets and extra clips to strap things on to the outside of the bag. For getting around, it had to be manageable, something that can be easily picked up and carried up stairs, carried for long distances and crammed into tight overhead compartments on buses (or even sit on your lap for a few hours!). And it had to be tough. Bags generally are not put though solid stints of travel - day in and day out for 365 days, normally a bag would be lucky to see that in a lifetime. A broken bag in a remote village - or worse, mid trek can ruin a destination. Our trip was more hotel and apartment stays, Nat and Bonny however are going off road also, so they were looking for a pack.

We steered them to the Osprey Wayfarer 70.  Being designed specifically for women it was a clear stand out in terms of comfort and support for long stretches of bag carrying. This pack would allow them to get from city to city, but it would also allow them to go on the hikes and walks that they were planning, particularly in South America. Osprey packs are also stand outs for their quality, backed with a lifetime warranty, we knew it wouldn't let them down. 


Well the girls checked in with us a few weeks ago - they are loving life, loving the trip, loving the bags and have send some photos to prove it (the jealousy monster arose again!) Read all about their thoughts over on their blog.



To follow their adventures, keep an eye on their Instagram @check.in.out

To find out more about the Osprey range - click here 

Photos by Nat Saggers of Checkin-Out (with thanks!)

Safe Travels!

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