Backpack Experiences – A few words for our bi-slinged carriers

May 29, 2014 3 min read

Backpackers are never half-empty of stories, shocking memories and extraordinary experiences to narrate. People love them; they become awed by the way the protagonists survived abroad and start thinking of them as heroes and idols to be emulated or better yet, just left admired.

However, this post is not another tribute to the free-flying, courageous and the rebellious spirit (which we truly admire) of backpackers. What this is about, is a story of their humble bags who not only carry their luggage but also their whole personality baggages. After all, it is the backpack that makes a backpacker, along with their risk-taking and exploratory selves. So we thought of putting together a few words of admiration for backpacks – no reviews, no best-product proclamations but a straightforward appraisal of the most carry-able and functional variety of bags – backpacks:

The Rucksack – the big brother of backpacks and a trekker's preferred way of traveling. It can store in it a whole world! From your essentials in terms of food, shelter, clothing, toiletries, camping accessories to excesses such as extra food, an extra bandana or unnecessary gadgets – the rucksack is a deep-bottomed pit with an enormous appetite! Rucksacks are also a teller of so many stories with the slash-resistant surface conveying a struggle through an impenetrable grove in a thick forest in Bolivia or its over-used padding and cushioned exterior telling how many times it was leaned upon while resting against a rock and hugged when walking over a shaky/ flimsy bridge in a remote part in Asia.

Caribee Pulse 80 Litre Trekking Rucksack

Just Backpack - A true backpack at heart - neither an over-sized rucksack nor an under-sized carry on but a perfect ready-to-carry backpack that has accompanied so many travellers in their daily commute and in their weekend mountain walks and hikes. Not to miss how helpful these are even when going for that Sunday beach visit. These backpacks are not just bags. They become spaces for some many travel secrets, souvenirs and also some shocks. They also double up as pillows for tired heads and hearts on solo journeys.

Osprey Aether 85 Backpack

The Backpack for Bipedal Off-roading – When you want to hike or trek and go off-roading on your own two-feet. All you need is a reliable backpack that can match the pace of your feet without eating away the strength off of your sturdy back. When lugging becomes a way of life, you know you need a pack who can take it as a man. So lug when you can and drag when you can't because these new hi-tech ones come with wheels! Forget 4 x 4 we say, try 2 x 2.

Caribee Sky Master

The backpack for classrooms and boardrooms – Don't think these pansies are made only for corporate interiors. Their spirit yells adventure. Put them on for a board meeting and impress all by carrying everything from laptop to your files or take it to school to carry your backpacker attitude and to the hills for that much needed short escape. Don't worry, these won't disappoint you during your adrenalin-rushes, instead they'll try their best to man up!

Eastpak Into the Out Out of Office 15" Laptop Backpack

The versatile Light-weighters – When space and weight are required in inversed proportions, you know that these light-weighters will need to be called in for duty. And they won't let you down for a second! Whether the journeys are long or short and sweet, they will be large enough to carry your world with you and bring it back home safely.

Gregory Light-Weight Z30 28L Medium Pack

They're great, right? These wonderful pieces of luggage! Always a support for broken and tired backs, these sturdy companions bring comfort for many travellers as they explore the world sometimes with friends and family and sometimes with only their backpacks. They go through a lot, just like you do..

…so don't skip over this after-word from our side: Take care of them as they become your companions, partners-in-crime and all-dependent pals on so many journeys across this big-small world.

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