Roles our backpacks play on our travels :)

March 23, 2014 2 min read

A backpack is a great travel partner for almost all our adventures. Buying the correct backpack is important, for a more convenient trip where it doesn't end up becoming an added baggage. And backpacks are not just a travel pack as they end up being much more than that. Among with various other uses, a backpack becomes your:

Sleeping Pad or a comfy - A traveler travels to places only he knows. Sleeping conditions, roof, bedding, food etc. are the not-so-important concerns of a traveler. A backpack becomes your sleeping pad in that scenario. A frameless backpack makes a perfect sleeping pad and gives comfort even in the midst of nowhere.

A Safety Guard - The best part about a backpack is you can wear it both on the front and back. And obviously wearing it throughout on your back is tiring. So, a travel pack can be worn on the chest, especially when it starts raining to save your upper body from drenching. It also acts as a protector when you are going up a sturdy hill and can fall on your front body.

Your Friend in Need - All your necessities lie in the backpack you choose as your partner. From clothes, food, water to books, camera and medication, everything is available to you in that one pack on your shoulders. By the end of a trip, your backpack becomes your best friend you don't wanna let go.

Travel Backpack

And it's not just the backpack but the accessories inside and tagged along that are supremely useful as well. We're sure you're aware of them, but we'd surely like to brush up:

  • A tarp can be used as rain gear, ground mat, shelter or any other way.
  • A tool kit that is portable to be used as a knife, nail cutters, scissors, bottle opener, sharp edged marker etc.
  • A duct tape which is used to repair gear, design new gear, as a bandage wrap etc.
  • A cooking bowl can be a tea cup, utensil to cook food, to get water etc.

A well planned tour is not much fun as a backpacking adventure trip. Let your backpack be a perfect travel partner and utilize it to the best possible.

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