To Bag or To Case It? Best Choice of Luggage for Different Journeys

October 13, 2015 3 min read

Choices! Choices! Choices! What's the biggest decision that you have to make when packing for a trip? Hint: this is the next big thing after your destination is decided. Still don't know what we are talking about?

How about bags and suitcases?

Yes! We are talking about the most common of all dilemma, that distresses even the most sorted of travellers – whether to bag or case it?

Bags Vs Suitcases

In cases where the choice of luggage is limited to only suitcases or backpacks, the decision is already made. But when you have options, then we must make a choice. And the choice determines the kind of journey we will have – a relaxing or an irate one.

Just as, it is important to dress for the occasion, it is important to choose the right luggage for your trip. A simple example would be, you cannot drag your hard suitcase out on a hiking tour or make a rugged entry with your rucksack/ backpack on your best friend's destination wedding. (well isn't your cocktail dress/ tux going to simply pass out, in there?)

So let's list out prominent luggage types to match different kinds of journeys.

1) Backpacks – These versatile carriers, in their versatile shapes and sizes, can perfectly fit so many travels and tours that they are nothing short of a staple for an avid traveller. A sturdy backpack can be perfect for hiking, low-altitude treks, a family vacation, a day trip or even a weekend getaway to the nearest locations. Good quality backpacks can brave a lot of disruptions and unwanted circumstances during a journey. Also, because these are very easy to lug around, perched on your shoulders, they can be very convenient while commuting at your travel destination. Simply put them on and off you go for an active tour of the place that you are visiting. You can walk, cycle and even use the public transport easily with backpacks. Get a lightweight, high-volume backpack and make your travels hassle-free.

2) Suitcases – For centuries, suitcases and briefcases have been the trusted companions of travellers. Particularly useful for long distance travels, suitcases (both hard and soft) are spacious, feature compartmentalised storage and can even accommodate smaller bags, organisers and other travel accessories. Suitcases come in small, medium and large sizes which is awesome because small cases and briefcases make the best carry ons and cabin luggage. The journeys where suitcases would be a hit are, business travels, a very long holiday, visits to family members, office trips, conferences, weddings (where shoes, dresses, make up and accessories, all need to be carried) or any trip where the commuting is not by foot and involves a car from the airport/ trains station to your place of stay. What kind of suitcase should you (hard or soft) carry on all these journeys, is a debate that we covered sometime ago. You can check it here.

3) Duffle Bags – Yaay! Our first reaction to amazing and spacious duffles! These bag types have proved to be so useful as both primary luggage carriers and as second fiddles to suitcases and backpacks. Duffle bags make great travel companions for overnight quick trips, informal offshore office meetings, a sleepover, your daily visit to the gym and also for carrying children/ baby essentials when travelling with family. One can also use duffles as carry ons when falling short of a cabin suitcase or a medium backpack.

Of course, the above mentioned options are not an etching on stone and travellers should use whichever bag makes their travel convenient, comfortable and hassle-free but this may help to someone staring in confusion at an open suitcase and a wide-mouthed backpack tempting them to choose them.

Whatever your choice may be, just know that at The Luggage Professionals, we have got something for both the backpack and the suitcase person!

Happy Packing Everyone! :)

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