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Product of the Week: Victorinox Wheeled Backpack with Monopole

January 22, 2016 2 min read

As shoppers we love an expert's recommendation or a product review, don't we? If a product review is genuine and descriptive, it can save those searching for it, a lot of research time and can help them make a quick decision. So, we thought of covering at least one product every week that you can go to when you have to make a quick decision about a travel bag, backpack, suitcase or any other travel gear.

This week we bring to you the Victorinox Wheeled Laptop Backpack with Monopole. This is a versatile backpack and is ideal for both the business and the regular traveller. The Victorinox Architecture 3.0 Big Ben Mono Retrax Wheeled Laptop Backpack with Monopole featuring many pockets and useful compartments to carry everything from your indispensable laptop to wardrobe essentials and more.. Lets look at all that makes this backpack worth a purchase!

Victorinox Architecture Big Ben Retrax Backpack

Looks: Classic. The bag is far from the designer kinds that are doing the rounds in the markets today. This Victorinox backpack is classically Victorinox in design. The looks are clearly not the main focus of this bag, functionality is. Having said that, the design is not at all appalling but on the contrary quite professional and looks cut out for some serious work!

Features. One too many! The Victorinox Architecture 3.0 Big Ben Mono Retraxfeatures multiple pockets, compartments and separate quick-access pockets for electronics: from your phones to the USB cables. The main compartment is padded and built for a 17” laptop. The backpack has wheels and a solid grip handle.

Extra Goodness: A wheel housing compartment and the Retrax or the retractable wheel system that folds in the wheels when the bag is carried on the shoulders. The handle is a patented 360º rotating monopole with a Geluxe™ Comfort Grip that locks into a natural "palm-facing-the-body" position to reduce arm and wrist stress. There is an additional compartment to carry a change of clothes along as well.

This backpack is ideal in terms of both carrying capacity and functionality. We are offering this Victorinox piece at a whopping discount of 40%.

Hurry, the bag is not going to stay much longer in our stocks, considering the irresistible discount and the backpack's popularity. So before you plan your next business or leisure trip, make sure you get this bag and travel worry-free and totally new-age!

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