The Most Functional Travel Gear for College Students!

June 15, 2014 2 min read

College life is a nomad life. Kids no longer and on the brink of adulthood, students study, brainstorm, work very very hard and find their ways about the world. They experience something unique every dayas they explore more about this most interesting phase of their lives and embark on unprecedented journeys. For this they need travel gear that'll suit their requirement and personality when they go on their stipulated pursuits.

A backpack, day pack or any travel gear for college students speaks a lot about one's personality but kids generally get too excited and overwhelmed with the prospects of going to college that they hardly put any thought in choosing the correct backpack for them, that's where parents, older cousins and the lot come in.

So, out of various packs a ready-for-college-kid would like for his/her college day, here are a few that might be the right option for them:

Messenger Bag
Messenger bags are functional and are the latest trend.. These bags are spacious and easy to carry around. If your teenager wants a more formal look in college, the messenger bags are perfect. Laptop, study material, other gadgets, something to eat and all his college essentials will fit perfectly in a messenger bag.

The old and still very new, backpacks will never go out of fashion. A backpack is a staple when it comes to students. Backpacks are versatile and allow you to carry your world with you. Investing in a high performing/ durable backpack relieves you from buying anymore travel gear for your teenager for years to come. Backpacks are functional, stylish, have nest? features, various zippers and are most convenient to carry around. Everything that a college lad needs can be easily fit in a backpack.

Duffel - Carry on/Roller
A duffel bag is another great travel gear for a college going. Duffels look cool and make a distinctive style statement. Duffels are superb for casual college days and allow for an easy switch over/ transition when a bag for a short trip is required. Duffels lack compartment but they make for this with their carry-all capacity. And the best part is, you can invest in either a carry on or a rolling duffel - as per your requirement.

Wheeled Backpack
Enjoy the convenience of a backpack and the portability of rollers in a wheeled backpack. Wheeled packs afford you the ease of dragging it around the vast college premise without tiring the shoulders. With enough space and zippered compartments, you can carry as many items as you want in a wheeled backpack. Also, use them for travelling around for college trips to get the most out of them.

Also, make sure your teenager can relate with the travel gear you choose for them. After all, many of their friends/ peers are going to take note of what they are lugging around.

Our advice: Don't compromise on either functionality or style.

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