5 Travel Tips For A Savvy Photojournalist Or Vacationer

October 24, 2014 2 min read

Once upon a time, a vacation was supposed to be an escape from the present reality. Today, it has become a way of life! Ask a compulsive vacationer who is forever ready for a trek to an unexplored weekend getaway location or a photojournalist who manages to find a story in every corner of a busy street. Even the freelance photographer who has travelled the colourful Bazaars in the middle- east just to capture the fantastic cuisines and hubbub on the streets will agree. In this write-up, we've compiled 5 travel tips for all kinds of savvy vacationers who are all set for another exploratory adventure!

Go Travel European Adaptor Go Travel European Adaptor

A set of universal power adaptors is a must-buy item for gadget-friendly and gadget-dependent generation. Whether it is your DSLR camera, lappy, iPhone or any other gadget, running out of battery might mean disastrous when it comes to missing out on crucial moments for photography.

Hidesign Greenwich Travel Bag Hidesign Greenwich Travel Bag

Select a carry on good quality leather overnight bag to keep the most important documents and other items - passport, cash, ATMs, some more extra money, essential medicines, etc. The idea is to carry the absolutely important stuff in your carry on, just in case the luggage gets misplaced or any such unexpected situation.

Handy travel tip - Bottles Bottles

Compulsive vacationers know this for a fact – there's no room for over-sized shampoo bottles in your backpack. So, make it easy! A photojournalist friend of mine recently gave away her secret for carrying cosmetic products – carry the same in travel sized bottles. This simple tip isn't only handy in terms of space, it gives you more room for other essentials like shoes and clothes (which by the way are never too much for a traveller).

Gregory Cache 22 Roller Duffle Bag Gregory Cache 22 Roller Dufflel Bag

What is your biggest takeaway from a vacation? Memories! What are the ways in which you can  carry these memories? Some clicks pictures and some others bring back souvenirs. If you do plan to  buy extra items, make sure to include a  handy duffel bag for convenience. Easy to carry, ample space, and durable, a duffel bag is an absolute addition to your luggage list.


In one of my trips, I decided to carry small sized re-closable bags. And the idea clicked! When the danger of sudden rains loomed large in front of us, I was able to put important stuff in re-closable plastic bags – my beloved iPhone, passport, and other travel docs – safe for use once the rain stopped.

Hope you found these 5 travel tips worth your time! :)

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