Battery Saving Tips and Tricks

October 22, 2014 2 min read

Vacations are meant for complete relaxation and unwinding of mind. But if you are the one to be in touch and have full control over situations through gadgets such as phones, cameras, tablets even on-the-go then these battery saving tips and tricks are a must read for you!

  • The most convenient and easiest option of keeping your gadget’s battery topped up is to use portable chargers. These compact battery chargers can keep your devices running for hours. Some of these pocket-sized power-house chargers are even solar powered and come in handy at crucial times.
  • If you are not going to be streaming videos and surfing the Internet for hours at a stretch and will only be indulging yourself in some food for thought while on vacation then it is best to carry ebook readers. They have a  longer battery life than the battery sucking tablets and laptops.
  • Another way of saving on the battery for travel junkies’ unending gadget needs is to make some simple changes to your devices’ settings. Keeping the display to the brightest low will save a lot of energy and also turning off wifi, bluetooth, GPS and 3G when not in use can almost double up the battery life giving the device an extended energy boost. Also, shutting down background apps helps keep the device running for long.
  • Cameras are a quintessential part of a travellers’ check list. Keeping it charged is equally important as having the battery of phones and tablets full. Cut down on the brightness of the LCD screen and enable the sleep settings of the camera to consume less power. Another small tip is not to spend too much time marvelling at the pictures taken  which is an added burden on the battery.
  • When travelling to places with extreme weather conditions, try keeping your device at an optimum temperature with sufficient flow of air beneath the gadget to save on battery life. Having an ambient temperature between 32-95 fahrenheit for any battery-powered device is recommended.

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