Best new products for adventure travellers

November 01, 2018 4 min read

Don't be left holding the bags on your next trip, these break through travel products keep your gear secured whilst you join in on all the action. From off road duffels to portable safe's, here are our top new products for adventure travellers.

Not having the right gear can definitely hold you back when you’re on holidays, and being prepared means you don’t need to turn down any opportunities that come your way. Being able to secure your gear so you can head out for a day trip, pick up your travel bag to hike to the remote tree house accommodation or locking away valuables so you can go for a surf with your mate are the types of things that can make your entire trip. There’s a wealth of products available now to make this all possible, to simplify travel for you and give you the freedom to explore without being weighed down or left out so you can mind the stuff.

Best of all, whilst this gear can be used in the remote jungles of Indonesia, you’ll find a world of uses for it at home; lock your phone away while you’re at the beach with the kids and actually catch some waves with them rather than watching from the shore. Load your travel pack up with a picnic for a local bushwalk, or stow your wet gear in your duffel for a day on the boat.

Here are our Top Products for Adventure Travellers:

Osprey Ozone Duplex Travel Pack – Available in men’s or women’s


This innovative 2 in 1 travel pack is a completely new concept. Featuring a travel duffel that attaches to a generous daypack with tech storage, this duplex pack allows you to use one or the other or both at the same time. Particularly useful for when you’re short on time but have a packed schedule, you can drop your clothes and gear off at hotel reception and continue on to sightseeing with your daypack, no need to pull everything apart and repack simply zip off and go. Or carry all your gear for a trek, then jump in a 4WD for a safari, leave your duffel behind while you explore on foot with your daypack and essentials. The options are endless, and like us, we bet you can think of countless times this would have been a handy travel companion!

Available in Men's & Women's - RRP $249.95  $199.95

Shop it here

Pacsafe’s range of Portable Safe’s


On first glance, these seem like they’ve been designed for very cautious travellers to stash their passports & valuables in when visiting Bali for the first time. Whilst very useful for that, these portable safe’s are an exceptionally versatile little product that can be used on their own or inside your pack to store anything from your wallet and phone right through to technical or sensitive work equipment on the job site. These safe’s have a protective mesh so they are slash proof, they also lock around the top with a wire cord that can be used to tie down the safe to a fixed object also. This is terrific if you want to lock up your car keys, phone and wallet while you surf or as we mentioned, secure your camera, laptop and gear whilst working a photo shoot, or even turn it into a portable locker for open plan work spaces.

From $110, See the range here 

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Backpack & Bag Protectors


The whole point to backpacking is to go places you wouldn’t necessarily get to see on typical holidays or tours. However, so often, backpackers are so weighed down by their packs and not being able to break free from them that opportunities get missed. So regularly your travelling between hostels or even when you’re checked in, the hostels are not overly secure and you feel the need to keep you gear with you. The Pacsafe Bag protectors change all that, simply wrap the mesh over your backpack, secure it to a fixed object like a lamp post or your hostel bed and find freedom! And it’s not just for the big things, being able to lock up your bag at the train station while you duck to the loo or find something to eat can be an absolute game changer.

Also useful to secure work gear on job sites, sports gear at playing fields or for securing your helmet and gear with your motorbike.

Available in 3 sizes from $127, see them here 

Pacsafe’s Secret Bra Pouch, Belt Wallet and Travel Belts


Sometimes a good old money belt is called for if you’re hitting up the markets in busy tourist zones and want to see discreet and secure. Traditionally though money belts have been hot and uncomfortable and generally not suited to hot climates where clothing is lighter and less likely to obscure the obvious outline.  Pacsafe have thought outside the box and come up with a variety of options to get around this. All working with the same principle of concealing cash and credit cards under your clothes, the bra pouch, secret belt wallet and travel belts all provide extra options to suit the climate and types of clothes you’ll be wearing.

From $22, see them here

Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffel


These are new to the Transporter range and bring a large, robust and weatherproof option to the duffel on wheels offering. Designed to be suitable to load on roof racks and terrific for camping, these heavy-duty bags are also terrific for sports travel such as surfing trips, skiing or boarding, boating, or transporting gear.

Available in cabin size, 90L & 120L from $249.95, see them here  

High Sierra Composite Wheeled Backpack Duffel Bags


These bags are lightweight, versatile and great value. With a duffel on wheels design and a hidden backpack harness they are a great go-to if you want a more affordable option for adventure travel. Terrific for camping, sports travel and school camps, as well as being a great option for teens or young adults who do a mix of car, plane and sports travel. This bag is up for anything.

Available in cabin, medium & large from $153, see them here

Prices correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.
Images via @Pacsafeofficial, @Ospreypacks & @highsierra

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