A Choice or a Straightforward Decision - Classic Wheeled Luggage or Backpacks?

March 18, 2014 2 min read

An avid traveller will always prefer a backpack over a wheeled one due to its ease. Backpacks are so convenient, offering amazing storage, consuming less lug space, functioning as a pillow at night, providing a carrying advantage and also for keeping the spirit of holiday alive. However, wheeled are more stylish, easy to stroll around and save money you might have to spend on a backpack-caused shoulder massage.

The argument is never ending and honestly, to each his own. But a backpack is more travel friendly we say! Look how it screams of being such a travel buddy!

Backpacks Backpacks

  • You can fill every bit of a backpack and the various zippers allow you to carry your world around in it.
  • You don't have to open your entire backpack for the tiniest requirement. The zippers carry it all.
  • These are very easy to carry around and don't need much space. If nowhere, put it under your head and take a nap while travelling.
  • Backpacks are more for wandering souls, from one destination to another, without being conscious of carrying a rather not-so-classy backpack in a luxury hotel.
  • You don’t need a camera bag with a backpack, wherein your photography equipment will be safe on top of your clothes.

However, if there is no wandering in your trip and no spontaneous adventure treks to cause an adrenaline rush, you can conveniently shift focus to a wheeled bag. Wheeled bags any day are more easy to handle.

It can be dragged with you from one place to another without a pain in the shoulders.
Wheeled backpacks though increase the weight of the bag, but add to the convenience of taking it with you everywhere you go.
Things are more organised in a wheeled bag and not piled over the other, like in a backpack.
You can walk into a luxury hotel, not looking less fashionable.

We say, finalize a trip, decide the course of travelling, see what’s most convenient and take it with you for a spin or a carry-over.

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