Smart Clothing Tips for Adventure Travellers

July 13, 2014 2 min read

Remember no one will carry your backpack for you while climbing those tall mountains! So, when you start packing for your next adventure trip, pack wisely and carry only essential items, especially essential clothing for your next excursion.

We tend to carry extra stuff on trips considering their hypothetical requirement. That's a cumbersome packing strategy which each of us realises eventually. However, the sooner, the better! So, this time try these smart clothing tips and make space for more essential items in your backpack.


Choose a spacious yet compact backpack or duffel bag, any which one you find easier to carry on your back (that's how you'll carry it most of the time). Carry a backpack with lots of zippers and mesh pockets to compartmentalise your luggage judiciously. You can also attach extra mesh nets and tie them along the zippers on your bag, to have smaller items easily reachable.

The Caribee Pulse 80 Litre Trekking Rucksack, Caribee Mallorca 70 Litre Travel Pack and the Osprey Aether 85 Backpack are good options.

Caribee Pulse 80 Litre Trekking Rucksack

Caribee Mallorca 70 Litre Travel Pack


Bush shorts and cargo pants are ideal for trekking and other adventure trips. These are comfortable, light, have many pockets and are durable in all weather conditions. They dry up sooner in case they’re wet and aren’t a big hassle even if worn wet.

P.S. - Jeans is a big NO for adventure travelling. Neither are jeans comfy, nor the best piece of clothing for varied temperatures. Also, a wet pair of jeans won't dry quickly and would stick with skin like a painful insect.


Pack shirts/t-shirts in neutral colours, preferably in organic cotton fabric if you're going to a warmer place. For moderate to cold climate, pack a mix cotton fabric shirt and a lightweight jacket which can be tied around the waist or adjusted in the backpack when not in use. Shirts are lightweight and consume little space in your luggage, so feel free to carry along at least 2 extra along with the one you’re wearing.


You also need to pack is a pair of floaters/sandals for an adventure trip as you'll be wearing your trekking shoes all the time. Wearing your shoes even while travelling is the best way to reduce luggage and carrying extra weight. Sandals can be worn during the evening when you gather around bonfire with friends for food and drinks.

As long as you pack light, you'll have a great time on your adventure excursions. So, buy a functional, versatile and high performing backpack, stuff it up with only the essential items and get set to have a memorable adventure trip!

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