Forget the Compass, Clothes, Shoes & Maps; We Have Some New Holiday Gift Ideas for Travellers!

November 21, 2013 3 min read

Christmas is approaching and so is gift shopping! If you still haven't listed down all the possible gift options for your globetrotter sister, brother or best friend then it's time to do it right away! Don't worry, we are not setting off the alarms, but just getting you in the holiday spirit and gifting mood so that you are well prepared for the time when the alarms do go off!

Come to think of it, we are already mid-way into November, and in all practicality, there's only about a month left before the gift exchanges begin! So as per the holiday season clock – you really do not have many days left to choose that perfect gift for your loved ones who love to explore and travel the world. And what if you want to send this gift outside Australia? Then time is running out as we speak!

Let's just get down to the gift list so that you read and get your brains working on what to get for the itchy feet in the family.

The best thing you can gift to a traveller is an experience. Anybody who loves travelling will value a heartfelt, wonderful experience more than the most expensive gift in the world! For them it's never about the present but what and how it makes them feel, the memories they gather using it and the sentiment with which it is given. That's why we have compiled a list of utility-ridden gifts for travellers which may not equal the experience of a sunrise on a mountain top but will inspire them to continue their journeys!

1) Think the unthinkable – Book them a ticket! If your budget permits, get your best friend or brother or sister a ticket to a destination they want to visit. It doesn't have to be a ticket to a very exotic place but may be somewhere nearby that can help them breakaway from their routine. It would make a very special gift if they haven't been on a trip for a while.

2) A Reliable Travel Companion – No, not what you think! We don't want you to gift them new spouses or travel partners but reliable and durable travel luggage. The kind they can pack, zip up and carry around on all their journeys! At The Luggage Professionals, you can find a variety of options to choose from. We have backpacks, travel pouches, luggage sets, anti-theft travel packs, credit card holders, shoulder bags and so many other things!

3) Travel Guides & Books – If you have ever read through a Lonely Planet travel guide, then you know what we are talking about. Lonely Planet travel books are amazing not just in terms of the kind of detailed information they provide but also the kind of excitement they fill you up with. If you know someone with a traveller's heart and an explorer's mind, a Lonely Planet book on their favourite destination will make a very nice gift!

4) A Good Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones – Long, boring/ tiresome flights, random modes of transport in distant lands are best faced by one's soothing playlist! Get them a nice set of headphones they can put on whenever they want to relax, get a shut eye or listen to a video / audio on their phones or laptops.

5) Protective Covering for their Gadgets – They will be ecstatic opening that ribboned gift box and finding a nice waterproof phone, tablet or a gadget holder or sleeve! Travellers love to be prepared and something like a protective shield for their gadget will absolutely delight them to no end!

Passionate travellers are rarely a very finicky lot but they are organised and love just a little extra effort from the giver, so gifts like these would really make their day and maybe their Christmas! Plus, these will be good reminders as well as a great inspiration for them to never stop pursuing their quests, wherever they are! :)

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