Must Have Air Travel Accessories for a Comfortable Journey

June 23, 2014 2 min read

Even the most rugged and no-tantrums traveller would seek comfort in an air travel, especially if the flight is long. However, an air travel can be made more comfortable and less tiring with correct travel accessories. Here's a list of must have air travel accessories to have a better flight:

Neck Pillow
Travelling on long flights can sometimes be as ugly as travelling aloft a cart. Unless you are in business class, you have a tough time drooling over your neighbour's shoulders or slipping from the flaps on plane seats. A neck pillow saves you from all the embarrassment and is the easiest way to improve your air travel experience. You'll sleep well and wake up at least half as fresh as from your own bed.

Hard Suitcase
Hard suitcases are high performing luggage carriers for all sorts of travel. Especially during an air travel, you don't have to worry about the baggage thrower damaging your essentials inside the suitcase. A hard suitcase by Samsonite, American Tourister, Antler Luggage and Rimowa is a superb investment as it will last for years and look extremely stylish.

Phone/Gadget Charger
And it's a common story with the tech-obsessed generation - to have a fully charged battery in phone or any other gadget. A travel phone charger is a must when you’re on long flights or an indefinite journey to stay in touch with family and of course to check emails throughout.

Adapter Converter
A converter is something so useful that you’ll probably thank the person who invented it. If you’re travelling a lot, you will understand the dilemma of not being able to charge your gadgets due to different plug types in different countries. An adapter converter is your best friend to keep your gadgets working 24x7.

Passport Holder
A smart document holder, in which you may carry a passport, boarding pass and other docs while travelling saves you from much chaos. A passport holder is convenient to keep all the important documents handy whenever required.

Samsonite (SAMW8) Leather Travel Wallet

Plan your international air travel trips wisely and invest in luggage carriers that ensure that comfort is not missing away from home or even in mid-air. Being organised while travelling lowers your fatigue and enhances your travel experience to a great deal.

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