Packing v/s Stuffing - The Art of Packing

September 02, 2015 3 min read

Just as the thought of going on a long vacation or a short trip excites you, giving you an adrenaline rush, the thought of packing and lugging around bags works the opposite way – literally dampening your excitement. You still pack, but either half-heartedly or distractedly, putting things randomly in every nook and corner of the suitcase, just to get it out of the way.

Agreed, not everybody is like that. There are those organized souls among us for whom the thought of a neatly packed suitcase is far more exciting than treading unknown forests or streets. This article is for the former kind – those who take panic at packing and would rather leave it to others to do it for them.

But you don't need to worry, just take a deep breath and start all over again. This time in a logical and a more organized manner! To help you overcome the challenge of packing in everything, we'd like to share some tips on how to end up with that perfect suitcase.

  • Check the weather of the destination you are planning to visit. Knowing the weather saves a lot of time and space as it enables you to decide what to carry and what to leave out. Carrying weather-specific stuff makes you adequately equipped to face the winds, rain, hail or even the sun!!
  • The next step is to figure out for how many days approximately you’ll be away and make a day-to-day plan to avoid over or under-packing. Sort out and visualize before about what you’ll be wearing each day to have a fair idea of how much you need to carry. If you like to travel light, keep the same clothing items for traveling to and from the destination, to further cut down on the luggage load.
  • The next, almost herculean task, is to pack everything nicely into a suitcase. But before that you need to follow one more small step, i.e. to sort out stuff meant to be folded and things that can be rolled. The wrinkle-free clothes should be tightly rolled and more formal outfits like shirts and dresses should be neatly folded. Folding them only once can help in piling more clothing in a suitcase.
  • After the above is taken care of, now comes the uphill task of arranging everything in the suitcase in an orderly manner. Place the heavier items like jeans, sweaters and shoes at the bottom and the lighter ones on top of  them. If your luggage consists of some fragile and breakable items, put them in between the layers of heavier and lighter items to prevent any damage. Push all the miscellaneous stuff like undergarments, socks, accessories in the corners to fill in the gaps and balance out space.
  • Pack the toiletries in a separate pouch or a small bag that can easily fit in the suitcase. Take extra precautions while packing any liquid items like lotions or makeup removers. See to it that the bottles are not filled to the brim to prevent leakage.
  • Also, keep some packing cubes, better known as vacuum bags, that allow you to reduce the luggage volume by sucking out air from the things packed. This technique helps you pack those lovely souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones in the same suitcase that is carrying your adventures of all those vacation days.

We, at The Luggage Professionals, hope that this packing checklist keeps you sorted and eases out some of the traveling stress related to packing!! Because packing is an art and stuffing a tragic flaw!  :)

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