What To Consider When Buying A Sleeping Bag?

September 30, 2014 2 min read

If you think that your luxurious mattress is the only way for you to get sound sleep, then you've missed out on the wonder of lying on a comfy sleeping bag with a starlit sky overhead. No experience in this world compares to the thrill of a night spent in the lap of wilderness. A campfire to beat the chilling cold, a moonlit night to light your path, and your favorite people, the experience is simply out of the world. However, the experience can turn sore if you miss out on the most important companion on a camping excursion - a comfortable and durable sleeping bag.

But the idea isn't to pick up any random sleeping bag which is displayed in front of you. The idea is to find the one that fulfils your basic minimum requirements. The first requirement is of course the temperature range. Now, let us take an example of a bag which is displayed in the"30 or – 30? degree range". This simply means that the bag works wonderfully well till the temperature drops below 30°F. The result is of course subject to everyone's basic metabolism index, but the temperature range does give a fair idea to you to choose  a specific one.

Caribee Plasma Hyper Lite (+12˚C) Sleeping Bag

To make things simpler, most of the manufacturers agree on categorization - Summer weather ( +35 degree), cold weather (-10 to +10 degrees), and extreme cold weather (lower than -10 degree) , and tri-seasoned one ( applicable to all the above). Depending upon your camping site, you can easily choose a suitable option. A seasoned traveler might choose the one which is suitable for all the aforementioned seasons and temperature ranges. A novice, can instead, select the sleeping bag which fits his present destination.

After temperature range, the kind of insulation is probably the most important consideration when it comes to selecting a bag. From the durable yet costly Goose down option to the cheaper insulation type bags, from water-resistant alternative to specific options for women and kids, manufacturers offer a huge variety in sleeping bags based on specific needs of the travelers and campers. As compared to backpacking bags, sleeping ones offer more space and trap the air so that little or no cold air further enters a bag. So, take these two considerations into account and choose a comfy sleeping bag with ease.

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