Staff Review: Unexpected Travel Accessories I never leave home without

January 23, 2014 3 min read

Guest Post by Eliza Williams - Sydney staff member

Over the years I have tested many accessories and packing solution cases, some I have found useful for a certain type of travelling - for example compression packs were a life saver on a 6 month trip, and for work trips multiple packing cubes have helped keep my bag (& me) organised.  There are some accessories though, that I have picked up along the way that I now never leave home without, whether it's an overnight trip at a friends, a work trip, or a long overseas trips.

They may seem like obscure options, however this blog post is not supposed to be about the obvious - but the little things that you may not initially think of that prove to be super helpful!

First up, the Lapoche shoe bag.  I normally use this for my runners, which I take on most trips away, even if they are just one night.  Recently I attended a wedding, and I put my heels in it, as it was too awkward to take the shoe box, I simply stuffed the heels with tissues, and popped in the bag to protect them.  I also use it regularly when not travelling, any time I need to take my trainers and work out gear, I use the bag.  If you were someone who went to the gym daily (I am not) - then it would be a daily essential!  The design is super simple, roomy enough, open mesh section so your shoes breath, and a handle on top.

The super handy Lapoche Shoe Bag The super handy Lapoche Shoe Bag

Next is the smallest Eagle Creek cube, the quarter cube.  I have it pictured here with nail polish in it, but I normally use it for my jewellery, or for organising chargers (phone, camera etc).  When I first got, it, I bought it along with the half cube, and a couple of larger cubes, I didn't expect to have much use for this mini one. however it turns out it is the one I use most! Again, the simple design is super practical, it unzips on 3 sides so the top lifts off, making it easy to pack, and meaning you can put it on the dresser at the end and easily get what you need (unlike small purses that you constantly have to tip everything out of!)

The Eagle Creel 'Pack-It' Quarter Cube in action The Eagle Creel 'Pack-It' Quarter Cube in action

The third is one that I use to pack my underwear in - so I don't have a photo of it in action (no one needs to see that!), the Lapoche Small Packing Cube. I roll my clean underwear and put it one section, and use it like an underwear dispenser, then I chuck the dirty ones in the other section, so they are not floating through the rest of your luggage.  I have found with experience, that you often end up opening your bag in public - at the airport (trying to get that darn aerosol deodorant out before security) and in the hotel lobby (might need that jacket after all), and having your dirty knickers floating through your case is not ideal. It also keeps your washing away from your fresh clothes, and avoids any confusion.  

The small Lapoche packing cube is perfect for underwear! The small Lapoche packing cube is perfect for underwear!

This next one is obscure - nail polish remover wipes! These L.A Fresh travel-lite nail polish remover pads are available in our Malvern Store (in store only), I have taken to picking up a few packs every time I am there and leaving them in my travel gear and handbag.   After being caught without on a business trip in Vegas last year, and enduring multiple meetings with half picked off nail polish (the hotel did not have remover anywhere), I've carried these ever since.


So those are my top 4 never leave home without items.  I have other accessories, but I tend to switch them out according to how long I am going/where I am going and what I am doing.  We are heading to Melbourne on Friday for the Australia Day weekend (and a spot of tennis), and I am heading into the Crows Nest store tomorrow to pick out a new toiletry bag and carry on suitcase, review to come shortly!

Guest Post by Eliza Williams - Sydney staff member

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