5 Practical Tips to Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling

August 16, 2014 3 min read

Have you been travelling a lot lately?

Has travelling often made you careless and negligent?

This happens. Especially when you're travelling a lot and there's too much to handle at the work front and obviously at home too! Travelling for job is more hectic than travelling for leisure for apparent reasons. When travelling professionally, you already have tons going on at the back of your mind - files, documents, presentations, meetings, appointments and this is the time when your personal stuff like your wallet, mobile phone, tablet, wrist watch etc. are most vulnerable to theft/loss.

It's crucial to keep your money and documents safe while travelling. Whether travelling domestic or internationally, take care of the following tips to keep your money safe while travelling and to prevent yourself from having a tough time at an alien place.

Have a slimmer wallet

Keep your wallet slim while travelling by carrying less cash, more cards and dividing the money in front pockets, card holders and the backpack. A stuffed wallet also alerts the pick pockets to make you a target. So, just reduce the cash you carry and have it segmented at multiple places rather than one.

Have copies of your documents

Carry multiple copies of your identification and other important documents in a passport holder while on the go. Have at least one original identification proof with you and keep the rest at home. Also, leave copies of all your documents with your family back home as well, in case of any uncertainty.

Stay in touch with the bank

Maintain contact with your relationship manager at the bank while you are on a longish journey. Also, inform him prior to leaving and tell him the duration of your trip. This will alert him in case of any discrepancy happening in your bank accounts, card activity, fraudulent purchases etc.

Carry a couple of cards

When you're travelling professionally and too often, you can't keep switching card holders/wallets. Obviously it encourages confusion and it's best to avoid that. But when you're travelling for leisure, switch to a lighter wallet in which you don't have to carry your entire world. Carry a couple of cards, maybe one debit card and two credit cards. Leave all others cards safely at home.

Clean 'history' & 'cache' on mobile

Clean your mobile payment history and any saved passwords before you go on your next trip. This is particularly to be on a safer side and not lose your mobile phone to some mischievous locale who uses your saved info to cause personal and financial damage.

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Well, these are the money protecting travel tips we could jot down for you. Let us know in comments if you have more ways to add to our list and protect money while travelling.

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