The correct travel pillow for avid travellers - Carry it along always

August 26, 2014 2 min read

Travelling by profession or by choice, if the journey isn't comfortable, the destination never seems beautiful! And there's only little you can do to make your travel comfortable, especially in an airplane. You can comfort yourself in a car, take a sleeper in a bus/train, but there's nothing you can do in a plane than spending some extra bucks and upgrading yourself to lavish business class.

The one travel accessory to add comfort to your otherwise not-so-amazing journey is a 'travel pillow'.

A travel pillow or neck pillow is a wonderful accessory during long flights. Airplane seating is standard comfortable but nothing close to offering you a relaxing sleep. So, to avoid that painful neck sprain and ruining your travel mood, carry along a travel pillow.

Travel pillows - inflatable, bean filled, round, U-shaped, fleece, padded and more add much comfort to your plane journey that you can't imagine.

TheLuggageProfessionals recommend the following pillows for you, the spouse and the baby :

Go Travel - Pillow Duo

Go Travel - Pillow Duo

This is a two-in-one bean filled pillow that becomes a rectangular regular pillow and a U-shaped pillow in seconds. The pillow is finished with a luxurious super soft velour fabric. No matter what style you choose, you sleep comfortably in both the variations.

Lonely Planet Fleece Travel Pillow 

Lonely Planet Fleece Travel Pillow

The U-shaped pillow has a soft velour cover for a super comfy long travel journey. It's an awesome head support when you're on the move and keeps you head intact, saving you from drooping on your neighbour's shoulder.

Lonely Planet Inflatable Fleece Travel Pillow

Lonely Planet Inflatable Fleece Travel Pillow

The small and compact Lonely Planet inflatable pillow has a velour cover and folds into a pocket pouch. It's easy to carry along and fits into your luggage like a mini accessory pouch.

Go Travel - Pig Folding Pillow

Go Travel - Pig Folding PIllow

The Pig Folding Pillow converts into a lovely toy easily. It is ideal for a relaxing sleep for your baby on long journeys and to offer fun and entertainment when they're awake.

Pick your favourite from our travel pillow collection at and have a good night's sleep while travelling.

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