Wanderlust Wednesdays - Jervis Bay, New South Wales

July 03, 2014 2 min read

Hi there everybody!

How's the week going?

If it's going as ours (full of deadlines, work piling up, pulling hair out, the works!), then we have just the right place for you in this Wanderlust Wednesday edition.

A place where you can literally feel the tension flowing out of your body and leaving you feeling totally calm and serene.

This wanderlust Wednesday, immerse yourself in the pristine blue waters and white sand of Jervis Bay.


Located on the South coast of New South Wales, Jervis Bay is about 3 hours south of Sydney and is accessible by road and also by train. Huskisson is the main town in Jervis Bay from where you can take part in various dolphin watching cruises, ride on a sailing yacht or go fishing with your family.


The beaches are absolutely gorgeous with powder like white sand and clear blue waters which are completely safe for swimming. You can stay in beachside cottages and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sun and the sand. Apart from these cottages, there are many other a accommodation options such as self-catering holiday homes, camping sites and even luxury hotels where you can treat yourself to a pampered weekend. There are many local walks and National Park trails on which you can take a lovely walk and enjoy the beauties of nature. For more information on Jervis Bay and the activities there, visit http://www.jervisbaytourism.asn.au/

Packing for Jervis Bay:

First of all, make sure you pack some bathing suits and swimwear for the beach. You never know, you might just end up spending the entire weekend on the beach, that's how lovely they are!


Unless you plan to go camping, all you need is a medium sized-suitcase or a cabin sized suitcase or a duffel/ weekend bag to carry all your things and you are good to go. Pack in a water bottle if you plan to go on one of the nature walks. If camping is on your agenda, you need a a backpack, one that is sturdy enough to hold everything that you need and preferably has various compartments/ pockets so that you can easily store every essential thing without burdening yourself. If you do not already have a backpack, you can pick one from our backpack collection, you will definitely find what you are looking for here!

Have a relaxing, stress-free weekend and don't forget to make tons of memories. These are the single most precious things that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Happy Travelling! :)

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