Wanderlust Wednesdays – Rottnest Island

August 28, 2014 3 min read

Bonjour friends!

Are you ready for this week's dose of Wanderlust?

Well, then allow us to take you on a spectacular journey in this week's Wanderlust Wednesday.

So come with us and explore the beauty that is Rottnest Island!

Basin Sunrise

Yep, this week, we are taking the ferry to go to this tiny piece of heaven.

Getting to Rottnest Island is easiest from Perth, from where you can take a ferry or a plane, and if you are lucky enough to have your own boat, you can take that too.


Rottnest Island is unique in its own sense and has a lot to offer. Classified as an A-class nature reserve, which means there are no public vehicles (cars, scooters etc.) on the island. Exploring and getting around on the island is done by bikes (electric bikes are also allowed, but with some rules). The island also has regular bus service for the non-bike riders. For those who want to walk and enjoy the magnificent sights the island has to offer, there are various nature trails that will take you around the island. On many of these trails, the Rottnest Voluntary guides offer free guided walks on which you can learn about the history of the island, watch where the sailors and early settlers stayed, learn about the shipwrecks, their stories and much more! You will find the guides on these trails, so even if you are exploring on your own, you can approach them for a chat! More information about the trails can be found here.


The first thing that you must do when you reach Rottnest Island (apart from checking in at your hotel of course!) is to get a bike for hire. You can get bikes and more things you might need on the island at Rottnest Island Pedal and Flipper. Since there are no vehicles except the island bus, the roads are safe for kids too! Hop on a bike and get moving, see the various sights Rottnest has to offer and enjoy the exercise!

Now for the sights that are waiting to be seen

White sandy beaches: How can you visit an island and not see the many beaches that are there! Rottnest has abundant beaches of different types, so there is something for everyone! But the one thing each of you will love is the crystal blue waters and the pearly beaches! You can boat, fish and even explore the coves at these beaches and find your own personal cove! One thing that you must must do is snorkelling. The transparent waters are a perfect background to view the beautiful water life and sea animals. Here are the details on what to expect when you go snorkelling and also information on the marine life on the island.


Nature's own masterpiece: Rottnest Island has a wide variety of flora and fauna. From marine life to wildlife, there is plenty to explore. You might be lucky to sight a “Quokka” which is a pint-sized kangaroo, native to the island and some parts of Western Australia. For birdwatchers, the island is a true delight! Visit this page to know all about the wildlife on the island.

Food, food and more food: Eating at Rottnest Island is an experience of its own kind. With variousrestaurants, bars and cafes, many of which offer a gorgeous view of the blue seas and white sands, you will not only be feasting on sumptuous food but your eyes will also feast on the amazing views. 

If you ask us, the best way to explore Rottnest Island is to go there without a set plan and just go with the flow. Of course, if there are some things you really want to do, do them first and leave the rest of your time to discover the island and its secrets. Be sure to visit their official website where you will find all the information, from accommodation to what to do there.

Packing for Rottnest Island:

A simple medium sized suitcase should suffice for a trip to Rottnest Island, but if you plan on walking a lot, we suggest you carry a small backpack or a day pack to carry your essentials such as wallet, water bottle and the likes.

As for wardrobe, do not forget to pack swimsuits and ladies, make sure to pack some cute, summery dresses and cover-ups as you might be roaming around a lot in them!

When are you going to grab your slice of serenity?

Happy travelling lovelies :)

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