2 Suitcases in 1 - The New Victorinox Spectra Expandable Luggage Range

December 01, 2016 2 min read

Expanding hard suitcases are hard to find - the new Victorinox Spectra has a HUGE expander to solve all your problems!

The new Victorinox Spectra release has been designed to solve two big problems - firstly, it gives you multiple size options in the one suitcase, so no need to store a whole family of luggage to give yourself options, this is highly important for all those living in small apartments with no storage to speak of! Problem 2 - having a cabin size suitcase that adapts to different airline allowances.

Expandable hard suitcases are rare and the Spectra in unique in it's huge 47% expansion in the medium and large cases, that's unheard of even in soft luggage and truly gives you multiple suitcase options in the one bag.

The expandable Spectra luggage is ideal for frequent travellers, the idea being one case is perfect for a one week trip, a quick size adjustment and it's ready to go for your 3 week trip. Everything is covered.

The case itself packs more like a soft case, the central zip releases the expander, so the case is accessed through the lid flap, everything packs into the main compartment. This has a couple of benefits, the main being that it takes up less room on the floor when you're packing or living out of your bag. One drawback though is that it can be harder to find things in a deeper compartment.

The cabin bag has an extra trick up it's sleeve also - the removable electronics sleeve allows you to turn the case into a mobile office, with padded storage for your laptop and tablet, and packing space for a night or two behind. For a weekend holiday simply remove the electronics sleeve, leave your work at home and off you go. So again - 2 suitcases in one!

Victorinox has really thought through the challenges that modern travellers face - multi-functionality is so important in our world where space is becoming premium. We demand more from our gear - and this case really delivers, it's well designed and highly functional.

Other included features are Victorinox's built in TSA lock with free 'The Access' combination lock recover program - a program which allows you to lodge your combination online securely and retrieve it again later should you ever forget it. The Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program will reunite you with your bag anywhere in the world - should you happen to be separated for it, also free.

Find further specifications or to purchase the suitcase follow the links below;

Victorinox Spectra Expandable Global Carry-On Hard Suitcase $799 $479.40

Victorinox Spectra Medium Expandable Suitcase $1020 $612

Victorinox Spectra Large Expandable Suitcase $1100 $660

If you're looking for an expandable hard suitcase, also check out the Bon Air Collection by American Tourister for Samsonite - here.

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