Business Travel Tips for the Corporate Ladies

May 19, 2014 2 min read

Women, once considered not made for the board room are now the ones chairing it. There are more and more women who have successfully created amazing careers for themselves and are an inspiration. Whether you're a CEO of your company or working for a company, travel becomes inevitable when you're in the corporate world. One travels for meetings, business deals, conferences, for meeting a client and the list goes on. Whatever your reason might be, here are a few tips to make your business travel a tad easier:

Invest in a good carry-on: Most corporate women who are used to being on the road all the time swear by the carry-on. Invest in a good, sturdy carry-on bag or cabin suitcase that has ample pockets and is durable. When you need to rush to your meeting upon landing, you cannot afford to waste time waiting for your checked bag, whereas if you have all you need in your cabin suitcase, you are good to go, the minute the plane lands.

Use Garment Carriers for formal clothing: In Business, first impressions are very important, therefore, your clothes must be impeccable. But hours folded or rolled in a carry-on, and even the most wrinkle free of clothes might get crushed or crunched due to long hours of being enclosed in suitcases or inappropriately sized bags. To avoid this from happening, put your meeting clothes and dresses in garment carriers.

Organize all your important documents and files safely: This might sound a little obsolete as most of us carry our presentations/ proposals in our laptops/ tablets but there might be files that you need to take along. Ensure that all these documents are safe in a document case/ holder. Or you could even get yourself a good laptop bag, which would be one which has numerous pockets and folders where you can keep everything from documents, to your laptop to the laptop charger and maybe keep an additional thing or two.

For your travel related documents such as passport, tickets, health insurance, etc. get a passport holder, preferably an RFID protected one to ensure that your peace of mind remains intact.

Prepare outfits for your meetings/ conferences beforehand: Rather than sitting in your hotel room and wondering what will you do now, create complete outfits for each meeting before leaving. For example, you could get one skirt and two blouses and one jacket and use them alternatively. Remember, minimalism is the key. Spruce up your outfits with scarves or accessories which are easy to carry and take less space.

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun! You might be there on business, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring the city (if you have time of course!) that you're in. Who knows where your adventures might lead you or what gem you might discover!

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