How convenient life becomes with child carriers while traveling!

May 11, 2014 2 min read

Having babies shouldn't restrict your traveling plans at all. And we say this because child carriers are so functional and practical that traveling with infants and toddlers is super convenient. Of course a stroller is also a good option where your baby can lay comfortably, however while traveling, carrying around a stroller is difficult at times.

Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier

Child carriers are an amazing travel accessory for travel, hiking and moving around the town. Though it is highly recommended to never use child carriers while doing water sports and other high speed activities. Apart from that, have all the fun you want while enjoying your outdoor activities by keeping your child close and comfortable with you in a child carrier.

The features you must consider while purchasing a child carrier are:

  • An ideal child carrier should have adjustable shoulder straps, waist straps, adjustable child harness, a kickstand and a frame.
  • It should ideally fit like a backpack which is comfortable and lightweight.
  • For infants, you must prefer a frameless child carrier and for toddlers you can go for an external frame carrier.
  • A child carrier's hipbelt, its main strap across your body, should fit on your hip bone and not on your waist for longer comfort.
  • The shoulder and leg straps in the child carrier, which come in close contact with the child's skin should be of a smooth fabric that doesn't give your dear baby rashes.
  • Only go for a child carrier that has a very soft seat, a ventilated back mesh and an effortless torso adjustment so that your baby is going to be comfortable.
  • Opt for a lightweight child carrier that both parents can comfortably carry around, without any fatigue which slows the pace of outdoor activities.

Obviously, for a travel accessory like child carriers you must trust only the popular luggage carrier brands that offer quality fabric and strong harness material. And when you find one of your comfort and choice, plan your next outing with your little bundle of joy and have tons of fun.

Keep traveling, have fun and be safe!

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