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Decoding The Duffle Mystery For You

October 12, 2015 2 min read

It is that one bag we all have and we absolutely love it! So much is our love for this particular piece of luggage that we want to carry it on all our trips. Our preference for the duffle is not without reason. Being the most durable, convenient and sturdy carrier, a duffle gives us a go-getter feel instead of burdening us with the thought of having to lug around a back-breaking heavy baggage.

With a history spanning decades, the most trusted duffle has evolved into the most convenient of luggage pieces used by people worldwide. Getting its name from a city in Belgium of the same name, the duffle bag's role is not just limited as that of a reliable travel partner but is also of great utility in everyday life. Widely used as a gym bag, the duffle's transformation from a simple cylindrical shaped military rucksack into the various forms we see today can be termed as a process of metamorphosis, in sync with the changing needs and sensibilities.

Here is a sneak peak into the different forms of duffels being retailed by us at The Luggage Professionals online store:

Folding Duffle – The folding duffle is our very own old-school escape to any place in the world. It takes us back in time when we never bothered much about the upkeep of carriers and gave very less thought to caring for our bags when on the go. We knew and still know the duffle bag as a travel partner which can fair the roughest of weathers. Whether it is tossed at the carousel or slinged over the shoulder, the duffle will hardly fail you. These come equipped with easy to grab handles and adjustable, detachable shoulder straps,  in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Unlike regular travel bags, the folding duffles come with a luxury of smart shapes. You can either go in for the barrel duffle or a squared alternative or simply pick both. Highly spacious and having dedicated pockets and compartments for all your travel needs. Buy one from the exclusive inventory and relive those good old carefree days.

 Folding Barrel Duffel

Wheeled Duffle – What happens when your most favoured piece of luggage undergoes a makeover for the good? The result is that it gets upgraded with wheels and a trolley handle for you to carry it even more easily. The good news is that because of new age designing, the duffle can now accompany you on most of your trips. Also popular as rolling duffle bags, the wheeled counterparts are a blessing for anyone looking for the comfort of a carry-on combined with the convenience of wheels.

Wheeled Duffel Bag

We, at The Luggage Professionals house a well-curated collection of the finest duffels out there. Brands like Antler, Eastpack, Gregory, Victorinox and many more offer their best duffel bags, crafted using superior quality fabrics meant to last for years and which are hard to get bored of. Get yours today and set out on uncharted paths with confidence!

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