Decoding Travel Jargon - Part III

March 30, 2014 4 min read

Hello there!

Travelling good? Discovering new places, meeting new people?

How about we help you with your travels, continue learning more travel speak?

Here we go then...

Nautical Mile: A unit to measure distance in air and sea.
Narrow Body: A term used to refer to aircrafts that have a single, center aisle.
Net Fare/ Rate: The entire amount paid for your ticket/ or any such thing.
No Frills: A service, whether it be a flight or a hotel room, with no extra features. Just the basics are provided.
No show: In literal translation, not showing up. Usually a passenger who doesn't come for their flight or a guest who doesn't come to the hotel after reservation.
Non-stop Flight: A flight that goes from destination to arrival, i.e. from place A to place B, without any layover or stops in between.
Normal Fare: The airline fare for an unrestricted ticket, i.e. a ticket which has no sort of restrictions/ rules
Non- Refundable: It refers to a ticket (usually), which when cancelled, will not be refunded, no money will be returned.
OW: One-Way
Off-Season: A period of time in a year when the number of tourists visiting a destination decreases drastically. It is also used by hotels and travel agents in that area to describe discounted prices during that time.
Open Bar: Basically Free Drinks (Yay!) In other words, it is a beverage service which is free for the guests.
Open Ticket: A ticket that does not have any information such as flight number, date, etc., information which will be added at a later time.
Origin: The starting point (airport) of your journey
Out of door costs: Additional costs put on guests' bill by a hotel, which are usually revealed at check out and not mentioned before. For something like internet or even more inexplicable!
Overboard: Usually used in the cruise industry. It means off the ship, for example if anyone were to fall off the ship, they would say, “Man Overboard”.
Overhead Bin: The storage space made on top of the seats in an aircraft.
Overhead: Fixed expenses of a business, such as rent, logistics, etc.

Parcel: A packed package for shipment
Passport: The most important travel document. A passport identifies a person to be belonging of a specific country.
Pat-Down: Physically searching of passengers to determine if or not they are carrying any weapons. Mostly used by the TSA.
Peak Fare: The highest fare paid, especially during peak season.
Peak Season: The opposite of off-season. This is the time when the demand of a destination is the highest.
Pilgrimage: A journey taken to reach a religious shrine.
Platform: A raised, flat surface where passengers wait to board a train.

Quad: A hotel room for four people
Quality of Experience: A measure of customer satisfaction which is gained by getting customers to fill out surveys.
Quarantine: The process of placing an individual or an animal in isolation when they are infected by a communicable virus/ disease and could potentially endanger the lives of others.
Quarter Deck: Traditionally officer's quarters on a ship, located on the stern side of the upper deck of a ship.
Queen Room: A hotel room that has a queen size bed.
Query Letter: An official business letter requesting certain information.
Queue: A line of people standing, waiting for their turn at a place like a boarding gate, ticket counter, etc.
Quota: The maximum number that is allowed.
Quote: The stated price of an item.

Range: The maximum distance an aircraft or a ship can travel without having the need to re-fuel.
Ranger: A national park official.
Rate Hike: An increase in fares.
Rate of Exchange: Like Exchange rate, the current value of one currency against another.
Reception: The front desk of a hotel or an office, typically situated right opposite the main entrance.
Red-Eye Flight: A late-night flight, which usually takes less time than a day-flight.
Responsible Tourism. A recent practice of encouraging travellers/ tourists to travel without causing any harm to the environment.
Rudder: The steering device of a ship
Scooter: A small motorbike that can be rented as means of travel in certain areas.
Screening: The process of checking passenger's bags and luggage to make sure nothing illegal or dangerous is being transported.
Sea Sickness: Nausea, dizziness and discomfort experienced while at sea.
Seaward: Towards the ocean.
Second-Tier Airports: Airports that are not hubs of an airline, not located in any major cities and do not offer that many services.
Service Non Compris: Translated it means “service not included”. This will usually be seen in restaurants or hotels and means that an additional tip is expected.
Sherpa: In Tibet, Nepal, Sherpas are the able men who help tourists carry their luggage up a mountain or generally. Sherpas are a Tibetan ethnic group, very strong and accustomed to high altitudes.
Short-Haul: Airline routes of a limited length/ duration.
Silk Road: A route between China and the Middle East which was taken by ancient caravans to carry out trade.
Takeoff: The process in which a plan gathers enough speed to push itself of the ground and become airborne.
Tarmac: The paved area in an airport.
Tariff: A schedule of prices.
Terra Firma: Latin, means dry land.
Terms and Conditions: The part of a travel document/ tour that you should read carefully. It contains all the legal details and responsibilities of the agency.
Ticket: An official travel document representing a contract between the supplier and traveller.
Toll-Road: A system on highways where a fee is charged based on type of vehicle and number of miles travelled.
Top of the Ship: The most expensive and luxurious rooms/ suites in a cruise ship.
Tourist: A traveller, travelling for leisure and fun.

And phew! So many more terms and phrases. Did you know all of them? Are there any more which you think should have been part of this list.

Let us know in the comments below. :)

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