Decoding Travel Jargon – Part IV

April 09, 2014 3 min read

Hi Fellow Travellers!

How's it going?

Shall we continue knowing more travel speak from the world?

Here we go...

Unaccompanied Minor: Usually on airlines, a child travelling without a parent or guardian.
Unchecked Baggage: Luggage that a traveller keeps with himself/ herself and does not check in with other luggage.
Undertow: Powerful & extremely dangerous coastal current that can drag swimmers out to sea.
Unlimited Mileage: When there is no per mile charge for miles driven in a rental car.
Upgrade: To shift to the next, better/ higher category. For example, getting upgraded from economy class to first class in an airplane.
Unrestricted Fare: A higher amount/ fare for a ticket that offers maximum flexibility, i.e. no extra conditions that have to be fulfilled.
Upwind: Towards the direction of the wind

Vacancy: An empty room at a hotel or an empty seat in a flight.
Vagabond: A wanderer with limited means
Valet: A personal servant. Today, it usually refers to those services provided by a personal servant such as valet parking.
Validation: Approval of travel documents
Validity Dates: The inclusive dates of an offer or a fare rate is valid/ working.
Velodrome: A bicycle racing stadium
Verification: The process of authenticating something, like a reservation.
Visa: A document, more accurately a stamp in the passport that authorizes the bearer to visit a country for a certain purpose and for a specific time period.

Wait List: A listing of people who are waiting to get on a full flight or something else, which usually happens in case of cancellations.
Wake-Up Call: In the hotel industry, a phone call made to a guest's room at a predetermined/ requested time.
Walk-In: In the hotel industry, a guest who arrives without any prior reservation.
Walkout: A labor strike. Usually of unions demanding a certain thing
Wharf: A Dock
Windjammer: A type of cruise ship designed to look like the merchant ships of the late 1800s.
Windward: Towards the direction of the wind.
Wind Shear: A powerful and unexpected downdraft of wind. It can be extremely lethal for landing planes.

XBAG: Excess Baggage
XL: Cancel/ Cancel Waitlist
XLD: Cancelled
XSEC: Extra Section
Xmas: Christmas

Yacht: A luxury powered vessel, usually owned privately.
Yak: A large beast, used for transportation mainly in extremely cold areas such as Tibet.
Yaw: A deviation in the course of a ship, mostly because of natural causes such as a storm.
Yield: Revenue per statistical unit
Youth Fare: Fare for young people, mostly between ages 12 – 22.
Youth Hostel: A fairly cheap accommodation, in dormitory style, mostly used by younger travellers who cannot afford the more expensive hotels.

Zebra: Parallel white lines on a road that indicates to oncoming traffic that it is a pedestrian crossing
Zenith: The top most point
Zephyr: A light blowing breeze
Zero-Zero: Weather conditions where there is absolutely no visibility
Zip Code: A 5 or 9 digit number which is used for delivering mail.
Zip Line: In places such as a rain forest or similar tourist attractions, an elevated, inclined wire from which a pulley and a one-person seating equipment are suspended which allows the person to move between two points.
Zodiac: A motorized, rigid-bottom, inflatable boat which is used in cruise ships for outings or wet landings.

And there we are! All kinds of travel words from the entire alphabet that we could think of. Have you heard some peculiar, funny-sounding word on your travels? We would love to know them! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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