Elegantly Eminent – Sometimes going by the looks can turn out to be a good bargain

July 28, 2014 2 min read

You may have heard the saying, “never judge a book by its cover” or “looks can be deceptive” and may even live by it. It's a good practice to not get by swept by what pleases the eye and ignore other flaws that can be detrimental to functionality or to the use of a product. However, there's a sense of aesthetics that each one of us possesses and it helps us to find things that are neither appalling nor an eye sore. And when such things turn out to be wonderful additions to our lives, we thank our eyes for judging by the looks!

Eminent luggage is one such piece which will not only win your eyes, but your scrutinizing and discerning judgement as well.

Eminent Cabin

Located in Taiwan, Eminent is a company with a devout commitment to innovation, ethical manufacturing and clean management systems – virtues which manifest themselves in their efficient and immaculate luggage designs.

Eminent suitcases can be categorized under luxury luggage pieces considering their high-end semblance and very practical abilities listed below:

1) Lightness: The 100% Polycarbonate Eminent suitcases make no compromises. Even the hard-shelled suitcases are as light as a feather. So next time, if your luggage is blamed for being overweight, you can be doggone sure that it's your fleece jacket or the leather coat and not your nylon protected luggage carrier.

2) Mobility: This good-looking pal by your side is not a lug at all! With its double set of 4 multi-directional wheels you can rest assured that it will keep up with you even when you are running to catching that flight. The brake system works efficiently too, so it doesn't fling off the surface when you suddenly stop at the boarding gate.

3) Roomy: With a mesh dividing panel and 2 cross-straps you can easily sort, organize and carry all your favorite things without worrying about them being in a chaotic mess when you open the case in your hotel room.

4) Shock-resistant & Safe: Each case features ridged exterior designing to ensure that the travel shock is easily absorbed. Also the TSA approved combination locks makes each and every Eminent suitcases truly a safe carrier.

Eminent luggage carriers from Taiwan have been traveling the world as great looking companions to wise travellers. And these are not just eye candy, but practical, usable and functional travel pals.

Shop Eminent at The Luggage Professionals – our new favourite addition.

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