What do to when your flight gets cancelled?

March 21, 2014 2 min read

"Your flight is cancelled" These dreaded words when read, heard or confronted with can feel catastrophic! For a moment the world seems be against you or trying to fizzle out your excitement.

Most of us are usually travelling back from a family holiday to our work or finally taking the long much looked-forward to break when these come crushing down like thunder. Our flights, our travel plans seem to be the be all and end all for those moments until...a weather storm or other glitches butts in. But if at all the snow storms across USA have taught frequent flyers and travellers anything, it is to be prepared for the worst. Here are some helpful tips to take note of when you have no flight to board!

Most Airlines have their own policies regarding flight cancellations. In fact, most of them have a clause in their travel policies. So it's best that you be well aware of the policies of that particular airlines you're travelling with. For example, if an overnight stay is required, some airlines will provide accommodation to the travellers.

Twitter. It is a greatly reliable resource, if used correctly. First of all, download the Twitter app on your phones. Secondly, follow airlines and airport accounts to be on top of what is happening. Create separate lists so that you do not have to weed through hundreds of tweets to find the one that you need. Twitter is also a great source for help. If stuck because of your flight getting cancelled, do not hesitate to tweet out for help. Who knows, your solution might tweet back at you!

The Internet. Apart from twitter, there are scores of useful apps and websites online that you can sue if and when stuck in a situation like this. For example, FlightCaster.com will give you an idea of the schedule of your flight. Also, there are various hotel booking apps that you can use, if you get stuck with mass cancellations and no hotel room to speak of. Again, you can use Weather apps and websites to know beforehand if your fight could be cancelled because of the weather.

Be on top of things. Get in line for the airline's airport desk and also call their customer number, send them a message on twitter, the minute you get the cancellation news. This way, through whichever medium you get through first, you have your chance early on rather than waiting for hours.

Lastly, do not panic. You are not alone. If you're travelling alone, go to your fellow travellers, ask for help. You will be able to figure out something. Stay positive and you will get through this too. Like you do with everything else :)

Happy Journeys!

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