How to travel on a tight budget?

January 20, 2016 3 min read


When I travel, people say ‘Yet another place in this world’.

But I see ‘Another world inside every place I go” - V Thangaswamy

Quitting that job and hitting that road is glamorous! And each one of us has done it or at least dreamt about it at some point in our lives : for the sheer excitement of the unexplored places, to unravel the mystery that is nature, and sometimes for the sake of “the journey within”. But the glamor part of it might fade away, once the reality seeps in. Once you actually hit the road, the reality that is the money stares at you in the face and compels you to think twice before a hasty decision throws you completely off-guard!

However, seasoned and compulsive travellers know the trick – once you make travelling a priority in your life, an unchartered path slowly begins to emerge. Let's see how seasoned travellers travel on a tight budget.

Afford travels by taking up a job at the place you want to visit: This one's tops the charts when it comes to affordable travelling. Go online, check the seasonal job opportunities, and apply. For instance, working on farmlands is popular in Australia and New Zealand. The beautiful terrain offers picturesque sceneries amid large farmland. Food enthusiasts often go to France to work in eateries; both for the love for cooking and affordable travelling.

Make use of the English's metropolitan appeal, teach it: This is something anyone fluent in English language can readily do. If you've a TEFL degree, even better! The language opens up a plethora of options anywhere you go. English opens up avenues for travellers especially when one visit the Asian subcontinent where fluency over the language is an important skills to get a job right away.

Getting a job is an option if you plan to stay for few months or more at a place. Let's see how you can make your trip less expensive when you don't want to work.

When a major share of money goes into food related expenses, here's what you can do to limit the expenditure:

  • Opt for a simple meal at a local restaurant. An expensive restaurant doesn't guarantee a sumptuous meal!

  • Go for a seasonal meal when you order food in a new region. For example, a German orders white asparagus when it's fresh and a native Spanish man orders the delicacy Snail.

  • Backpackers can cook their own meals, at least the meals that can be cooked on a stove. It's pretty easy to find a kitchen in hostels or camps.

Stay at cheap hotels, motels, or even better – find a student hostel: Not everyone needs a Jacuzzi to call it a vacation! The more adventurous ones are just fine with a comfy bed to lie upon and a bathroom with hot water facility. Find a student's hostel and you can easily find a room or a large dormitory to spend the night safely.

Hitchhike not just to save money, but because it gets you closest to living like a vagabond: Hitchhiking around the rural areas actually translates into life changing experiences that every traveller hankers after. Once the time slows down, you get to take in the breathtaking sceneries. Also, one gets time to interact with the locals and experience life at a slow pace ( a much needed break from the fast paced life of the cities).

And an offhand advice : Be a traveller not a tourist!

If you're a seasoned traveller, and travel on a tight budget, share your experience in the comments section below. :)

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