Killing Boredom – A Solo Traveller's Plight

October 24, 2015 3 min read

Solo Traveller

Once a traveller, always a traveller! Avid travellers get excited at the very thought of a probable travel plan. They start visualizing the entire process, right from researching about the famous locations, to getting the various bookings done, to jetsetting in their respective mode of transport, to finally reaching the destination. But even the most experienced travellers shirk at the thought of travelling all by themselves.

But slowly and steadily, the concept of solo travel, is gaining pace. People are finally realizing how therapeutic a solo trip can be. When travelling in groups, the entire dynamics of undertaking a journey get altered. The purpose for which you had set out for becomes purposeless. Since travelling solo allows you to follow your heart and make those much required conversations with yourself.  Yet, it does, sometimes gets boring to be alone. Here are some quick ways to make most of your trip when you are a lone rider.

Books, Music & Movies –  For times when your adventure streak  runs out of steam and being alone becomes intimidating, rather than romantic, carry something good to read, some soulful music to fill in the lonely void and some latest or classic hits to fall back on. Basically load up your hard drive for that much-needed familiar comfort when in unfamiliar terrains. After all it is all about keeping yourself busy with nourishing things.

Communication is Key – When in Rome, befriend the Romans ! If not more, dedicate at least a day of your trip to exploring the local culture and cuisine of the place you are visiting. Interact with people and get to know about their customs, traditions, way of life, etc. This way you will get to learn the basics of a new foreign language and will be able to add some substance to your personality, interacting with strangers! Communication that surpasses the boundaries of language, caste, creed, religion makes you aware of the human connection that binds us all.  You can also find locals on couchsurfing or facebook to hang out with.

Explore in Depth – Break the monotony and take up a class that teaches a local craft, cuisine or language. This way you can fill in time and not feel completely out of place in a foreign land. What better way to return, enriched with a skill only a few know. Even better, you too have a lot to give, teach your own famous local specialties to the ones who are willing to learn.

Take the Road Less Travelled – Everyone goes in for the famous and crowded tourist destinations. The crowd can get so over-bearing at times that the excitement of the visit sadly fizzes out. Don't let that happen to you, be offbeat in your choices and ask the locals about the less visited places of equal or more importance. This way you can tick off more items off your treasured bucket list and get to know the place better.

Travelling solo will help you overcome fears, become more confident, independent and make you cherish your individuality more than ever. The solitary explorations are not only more enjoyable but  make you realize how important it is to be comfortable in one's skin. And as Mandy Hale says, “ Learn to be alone and like it. There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.

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