Lapoche – Keeping you organised

August 02, 2014 2 min read

Have you ever found yourself in a pinch while packing, not knowing where to put what? Have you ever opened you luggage after a long air haul and fainted at the sight of the massive mess that it has become? Don't worry mate, we've got you covered.

Lapoche Shoe Bag

Lapoche brings you the solution to all of your travel packing problems. Here at The Luggage Professionals we've got a full stock of Lapoche packing accessories, luggage organisers, packing cubes, bags and make up bags. Stylish, practical and easy to use, these travel accessory bags are available in a all sizes and shades of colour to suit your spot on needs.

Lapoche Small Luggage Organiser

Let's face it. When we travel, we always add extra luggage. Small bags, big bags, clothes bags or the totes we need for our toiletries. In this urging craze to carry less we end up packing the whole wardrobe for just a few days worth of travelling. And then do try and find your essentials when they are utmost required.

Lapoche - the Australian Brand for travellers across the world.

Since 2012 Lapoche has been helping travellers across the world be more organised. You don't have to haphazardly stuff everything in your carry-on or checked-in. Neatly pack all your toiletries in these practical travel accessories.

Lapoche Small Travel Toiletry Organiser

This authentic Australian brand offers the best and it has never ceased to impress travellers with its fantastic travel solutions. They're made from extremely durable materials, with foam or padded interiors to make sure that nothing gets damaged or spilled when an overzealous baggage handler throws your luggage in the cargo hold.

Lapoche Medium Packing Cube

Buy some and start pack with the confidence that you won't lose your precious perfumes or your day care essentials won't smear your clothes.

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