Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn!

October 18, 2015 3 min read

Travel & Learn

Get out of your comfort zone. You need to learn a lot. The outer world is where life begins. This, and so much more, is what you may have heard throughout your growing years. You might even have given it a thought for a minute but neglected it as grown up philosophy.

But when somewhere down the line, as life progressed into more complex terrains, requiring you to be the ultimate authority, it was then that all the life advice started making sense. It is then that the hard reality hit you. It is then you realized how big a role exposure plays in an individual's mental and emotional growth and lays a rock-solid foundation of being independent.

Apart from everyday interactions, it is travel that introduces us to new horizons, exposing our senses to never-seen-before places, never-met-before people and never-felt-before experiences. So we thought, why not pay a little tribute to the spirit of travelling and share with you all the little lessons realized when we wander :)

Let's see what travelling does to you!

  • Gives you time to think about things in a more focused way, clears the  blurred vision because of everyday hustle-bustle. It can also prove to be a catalyst for change resulting in life-changing decisions.
  • Opens your eyes to the bigger realities of life making you value each person's presence and their contribution in bringing you so far. Not just this, a journey  sensitizes you to the very essence of life and shows that all kinds make the world and that living in the present moment is all that is needed.
  • Everything seems brand new. A new cuisine, new culture, new language, new people, even the air and water seem to taste a little different. This newness gives a refreshing change, wiping away all the bewildering muddles of a routine life that start to nag at your already caught up self.
  • Just the thought of not being connected and not being in the loop of things going around us, paralyses us with fear. This growing intrusive and compulsive dependence on technology needs to be broken. Consider travelling as a digital detox to break away, let go and absorb the surroundings.
  • Making travel  a life choice in the larger scheme of things is the best form of personal investment that ensures rich returns. Travel makes you responsible, forcing you to think and prioritize what matters the most, boosting confidence and leaving you with a sense of achievement. Travel gives a direction and purpose to life, vanquishing that shallow feeling you get despite giving your best.
  • Be it a weekend getaway, a long road trip, or a dream come true world tour, being on the move fills you with energy to take on things you thought are not your cup of tea, equips you with first-hand knowledge about the place you visit, and most importantly instills in you the art of appreciation.

We'll be more than glad to know If this blog plays the minutest part in inspiring you to start travelling. Remember, it is the memories made, seeing the world, both closely and widely, that will stay with you after everything that is around today is long gone. That is why we say, Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn and nourish your soul with memories you make along the way!

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