Luggage industry update: EU changes regulation regarding the leather-tanning process

January 29, 2014 1 min read

We know this is a more technical subject, but this is important news for the luggage industry, as it will affect how luggage will be manufactured in the years to come. For all of you that are not so keen on technical information about luggage, you might want to skip this one and read our next article.

What is happening?

EU regulations regarding chrome-tanned leather are about to change and if you don't control closely your tanning process you could break the law without knowing. And that never works, asignoring the lawis rarely excused.

With the impending restriction of chrome VI, it appears that authorities have ramped up the pressure in relation to compliance. Recently, there has been an overwhelming increase of chrome VI notifications in the weekly RAPEX reports. A wide range of products containing chrome VI in excess of 3mg/kg are constantly being withdrawn from the market, recalled from end users and rejected at the border, impacting manufacturers and retailers in terms of cost and reputation.”

You can find the whole article and how the regulations actually changed on Carryology.

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