The Luggage Professionals introduce Gregory Backpacks & Luggage to their store

February 05, 2014 2 min read

Gregory Packs, the brand associated with some of the best backpacks that the hiking world has seen, is now available at The Luggage Professionals! Wayne Gregory, the creative force behind Gregory Packs, was at the tender age of 14 when he designed his first backpack. And there has been no looking back ever since. Before starting his own company, Wayne worked as a freelance designer, designing technical apparel, sleeping bags, tents etc. for various companies, but ultimately returned to designing backpacks.

Since its birth in 1977, Gregory Luggage has established itself as a world leader in innovative designs and meticulous quality. The reason behind this is the emphasis that the founder put on using the best materials and creating perfect designs for the perfect fit. Till date, the company manufactures the best products, which are carefully crafted for customers to enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey.

Gregory Baltoro 75L Medium Pack

 Here, at The Luggage Professionals, we want to give you the best luggage products, whether they be for travelling or for hiking purposes. The first company to develop a waistbelt system in backpacks and the only one to still manufacture backpacks with a waistbelt system. their backpacks are built with a different frame that gives better and ergonomic back support. Other features of Gregory backpacks include:

  • Better accessibility. Unlike most backpacks, Gregory has various entry points to the backpack rather than the usual top entrance.
  • Firm and one of the best lumbar support.
  • A notable suspension system, with hip belts and contoured shoulder straps.
  • Most Gregory backpacks have an external storage system such as an intricate pocket system, with pockets on the larger pockets, in addition to the main one.

Shop Gregory backpacks at our store and change the way you hike!

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