Making In-Flight Time Interesting – Fight Away Flying Blues!

January 18, 2016 3 min read

In the larger scheme of things, there are two types of travellers. First up are those who get excited at the very mention of a probable travel plan and simply love the idea of spending quality time with themselves. And then comes the other category, who would just wish the journey part of the travel, away! If you belong to the former category, who like to savour each flavor that travel brings along, then you might be following some of the ways mentioned below to deal with a long flight. But, if you belong to the second group, you'll need these antidotes like dear life to get you through.

Plane In-Flight

Since flying is the only way to reach far off places and not everyone has the luxury to travel super comfortably in the business class, the whole economy class experience can leave you overwhelmed and somewhat disoriented. From food and drinks trolleys being pushed around all the time to dealing with negligible legroom and the horrifying turbulence, long flights can make anyone dread travelling. But there are ways to keep yourself busy and not bear long flights as an unpleasant experience. Here is a list of things you can do while in-plane  to use your time effectively instead of sulking and arriving at your destination with a long face and a worn out look.

Enjoy the bird's eye view of the world – If you are a nature lover and are lucky to get a window seat, then looking out at the vastness can be a nourishing way to while away time. What better companions than dreamy clouds for some comfort on a long flight.

Books, Music & Movies – The timeless way to spend time alone is with a classic book, soulful music and even the all-time hits you might have missed. Load up your laptop or tablet with all the that you feel will help you pass time quickly. If you are lucky enough, you might end up getting a seat with an individual screen that runs movies and shows back-to-back. Enjoy the uninterrupted stream of favorites.


Catch up on some sleep or even work – If you are planning to sleep away to glory and arrive looking fresh as a daisy then spend some time researching for that perfect travel pillow. Sleeping helps you deal better with motion sickness and reduces the chances of getting jet-lagged. Pack a killer combo of a pillow, eye mask, and noise cancelling earplugs for a blissful journey.

If sleeping is not something you are looking forward to then planning ahead for the trip. Download apps beforehand that help you get familiar with the native language of the country you are about to visit or carry maps along to be studied in advance. You can even sort out work mails, make a list of to-dos and your homework to come in handy for that emergency work call.

Strike a Conversation – Make your flight interesting by knowing your fellow passengers well. Start a conversation about their country, culture, work they do to earn a living and vice versa. You will end up discovering that the more distinct everyone looks, the more we are  the same in our hearts.

Utilize in-flight time constructively rather than just complaining about how bad the journey was and how desperately you waited for the horror to be over. There are many ways of making in-flight time interesting and getting the most out of it for yourself. Find ways to enjoy and make each moment count no matter the situation or place you are in.

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What all do you indulge in to make the long flights more bearable? Would love to hear :)

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