Mercedes Benz Luggage - Upgrade To Classy Carriers in 2016

January 06, 2016 2 min read

Known for excellent automotive engineering, Mercedes Benz, added another feather to its illustrious hat by venturing into the luggage industry. Designing bags and cases that are as cutting edge, classy and fiercely good-looking as any of its sedans, Mercedes Benz has truly upped the game for other luggage carriers since their introduction. And it was but obvious for us at The Luggage Professionals to become one of their online retailers and make the distinctly designed pieces of art easily available in Australia and around.

Here is a complete list of all that Mercedes Benz has to offer at our online store.

Wallets – The diamond and striped patterned leather wallets are finely crafted symbols of sophisticated taste and lifestyle. These come packed with designated compartments for safely keeping money, car documents, identification proofs, visiting cards, and all that a wallet is meant to carry. Then there are also the tri-fold wallets that have a little more space than the regular wallets designed keeping in mind the travel needs.

Weekender Bags – Travel for business or a short trip with the well-sculpted leather bag that is surely going to be a head turner. The weekender range of bags are spacious enough to carry everything comfortably. With a main compartment, additional front and inner pockets, and other thoughtfully placed features, keep your belongings organized and sorted.

Suitcases – The meticulous looking hard cases, made of curv, a polypropylene composite material, come in large, medium and cabin sizes. The suitcases are a powerhouse of features, hard to find together in any one category, come equipped with silent wheels, TSA combination lock, are light in weight, made of abrasion resistant material, easy to maneuver, and are down right the classiest ever.

Business Briefcases – Arrive at work or business meetings looking razor sharp with leather briefcases like no other. Mercedes Benz briefcases, come with the quilted look which is a padding to keep your precious laptops and tablets away from the slightest damage. Apart from the quintessential gadgets, the case can also hold within itself important files, related stationery and other stuff. With designated pockets, no more struggling through a loaded bag to find what you need.

If you are a lover of all things beautiful, particularly black in color, and if you go by the less is more philosophy then look no further coz' you have found your match – the Mercedes Benz travel bags. Shop for these statement pieces and get enamoured by their jaw-dropping beauty.

Slightly more expensive than other brands, but then Mercedes Benz luggage is for keepsakes. It's about time the travelling trends change and allow some panache into mainstream luggage carrying. Come fall in love with the most impeccable looking collection ever!

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