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November 29, 2018 7 min read

New from Samsonite! We've looked at the pro's and con's of Samsonite's most recent releases, 6 hard side and 1 soft side suitcase. Read on for our opinions in the latest Samsonite Suitcase reviews.


Samsonite have released 7 brand new designs in the back end of 2018, and in store we’ve been hearing “but what makes them all different” on repeat. A fair enough question really as how different can 7 suitcases from the one manufacturer be? Let alone their other 20 odd ranges! So for those who can’t make it in store to check them out, we thought we’d summarise the latest collection and the unique aspects of each case by way of a trusty pro’s and con’s list!

Samsonite Stryde Glider Review


To ease into this we’ll start with the Stryde, as it’s markedly different not just to Samsonite’s range, but to everything currently available. With a landscape orientation rather than a portrait shape, the smaller of the Stryde’s is only as tall as a cabin suitcase but has the capacity of a medium suitcase. Shorter, wider and a little chunkier the Stryde has a low centre of gravity for better performance when wheeling it around. Inside is a deluxe interior with double packing straps and built in wet pack.


  • A more compact overall shape meaning it can be stacked into car boots more easily and takes up less space when open for packing or unpacking
  • Low centre of gravity for improved steering and performance when ‘driving’. No chance of toppling when it’s fully loaded.
  • Appealing 3D textured external shell that helps prevent scratches and premium interior


  • Whilst not ‘heavy’ it is significantly heavier than other similar priced suitcases of the same capacity
  • The extra wide handle is likely too wide for many briefcases or soft cabin bags ‘smart straps’ to loop over
  • There is not a cabin size case in the set (yet – it’s possible it may come later) – so it’s not possible to purchase matching pieces if you’re after a cabin & larger suitcase set

From $315 on sale - Shop it here

Samsonite Lite-Box Review


Whilst we’ve seen updated releases of our favourite ‘Curv’ suitcases (Cosmolite, Lite-Cube etc), we haven’t seen a completely new Curv model for a couple of years. The Lite-Box is brand spanking new and features the undeniably class leading Curv material (woven polypropylene that is unique to Samsonite) with the latest Samsonite hardware and customer centric design features. We know our customers love the durability and stability of double wheels, the practicality of a double handle and double zipped dividers inside, and whilst these do add weight, the Lite-Box can handle it with the ultralight Curv material of the shell.


  • A Curv material suitcase with double wheels, double handles and double zipped interior dividers – in the other models there is usually only one or two of these features, not all 3!
  • Ultra-Lightweight Curv
  • Reinforced corners, heavier duty zips and solid wheels which will reduce some of the known weak points of the other Curv suitcases available


  • A lofty price point that reflects the materials and technology in this case, at this price, this suitcase if for frequent travelers seeking the best and lightest available
  • Depending on your taste this could be a pro! But the Lite-Box is boxy and masculine in appearance where the other Curv suitcases have a softened appearance with rounded edges and curved 3D patterns.

Starting at $465 on sale for the cabin - shop it here

Samsonite Theoni Expandable Suitcases


In the twelve or so years we’ve been selling hardside suitcases the most variation we’ve seen in design is bright colours or ‘painted’ shells. The vast majority are black or grey boxes with linear patterns to differentiate them. Well, Samsonite have stepped out of the box (pun intended) and released the Theoni – a bold and rare stand alone with it’s attractive 3D geometric flower print. Finished with soft rounded corners, copper metal hardware and a premium interior; the Theoni is for those who don’t like to blend in.


  • The unique 3D geometric flower print sets the Theoni apart
  • Premium fittings including double wheels, copper hardware, built in TSA lock, expander and deluxe interior with zipped pockets
  • Attractive price point with the cabin suitcase under $200


  • There are lighter suitcases with similar functionality at this price point
  • Being a fashion-oriented case, if you love it, buy the set, as Samsonite tend to run it for a year or two then replace the line, meaning it will be hard to buy matching a few years down the track.

Starting at $195 on sale for the cabin suitcase - shop it here

Samsonite Aspero Lightweight Suitcase


If you consider Samsonite as having 3 tiers of hard suitcases;

1)     American Tourister hard side – well built, reliable suitcases at budget friendly prices

2)     Samsonite hard side – well built, reliable suitcases with additional user-friendly features and premium hardware/fittings. These range from budget friendly through to premium.

3)     Samsonite Curv suitcases – the lightest and most premium of Samsonites offering. The prices reflect this, they are suited to frequent travelers.

The new Aspero is the top of Samsonite’s non Curv suitcases. It’s a premium suitcase, with a very lightweight construction and solid, reliable wheels, handle and zippers. If you want the best from Samsonite, but at a couple hundred dollars less than a Curv suitcase, the Aspero is for you.


  • The best models to compare it to in the Curv range is the Lite-Cube and Lite-Box as they have similar features. They all weigh exactly the same (2.2 kg) yet the Aspero is over $100 less than the Lite-Cube and almost $200 less than the Lite-Box. (Comparisons on 55cm models).
  •  Ticks the user-friendly check list of double wheels, double handle and double zipped interior dividers
  • Attractive, modern look and a choice of 3 colours


  • Very few that we can come up with! Whilst the price is up there, we feel it’s warranted for the quality and lightweight nature of the case.
  • Perhaps a little boring in appearance, it doesn’t jump out of the crowd and wow you. This, however, can also be a great thing in remaining inconspicuous and it won’t date quickly!

Starts from $285 on sale for the cabin - shop it here 

Samsonite Polygon 80/20 Suitcase


The latest 80/20 style suitcase is the Polygon. The 80/20’s are designed for those that want a hard suitcase but don’t love the split through the middle 50/50 style packing. (Read our review of the first 80/20 suitcase – the Spin Trunk here to see how the 80/20 works and the pro’s & con’s). The Polygon have taken this packing style a step further with the flat max design, so it’s better for living out of and closer in nature to living out of a soft suitcase. Packing style aside, the Polygon also boasts our standard user-friendly checklist of double wheels, double handle and double zipped packing dividers inside.


  • 80/20 packing with flat max – this makes a hard suitcase pack like a soft suitcase. Being able to simply lift the lid, lean it against the wall and live out of your suitcase is a game changer for those who move around a lot and don’t like to unpack at their destination.
  • The flat max design is upside down – the large cavity is the front, making the 80/20 packing style work better than previous models and other designs available
  • Deluxe Hinomoto double wheels with a brake, double handle, recessed TSA lock, lined interior with dual zipped dividers


  • We’ve not road tested the Polygon fully loaded yet, but our impressions so far are very good. We don’t have anything negative to say yet, and feel it’s a great design for those that want to give a hard suitcase a go, but prefer the packing style of a soft suitcase (which is us!)

Starts from $225 on sale for the cabin - shop it here

Samsonite Evoa suitcase range


The Samsonite Evoa was technically released early in the year, however we still thought we’d cover it. We love how it looks, and evidently our customers do to as its been very popular. It has an attractive brushed silver or brushed black finish and is modern and appealing in its simplicity. The Aero-Trac suspension and premium interior set this suitcase apart from the competitors, in simple terms, it’s smooth to manage, quieter than other cases, it’s expandable and fully lined with a built-in wet pack compartment. There are 4 cases in the range including a laptop friendly cabin suitcase.


  • Aero-Trac suspension for a smoother, quieter ride
  • Attractive, modern design and one of only a handful of expandable hard side suitcases by Samsonite
  • 4 suitcases in the range including a business cabin suitcase with a very functional layout for business travel


  • It is up to a kilo heavier than other suitcases in its category
  • A slight premium (we’d say $20-40) on the price thanks to the premium wheels and luxe finish, worth it if you love the look of it (which we do it does jump out at you when sitting alongside others in the store), if you don’t, there are similar options priced just below this one.

Starts from $239 on sale for the cabin - shop it here 

Samsonite Base Boost 2 Softside Suitcases


The only softside addition this year, which is a great indicator of the way luggage is going (hard, hard, hard!) But there is a lot to like about the new Base Boost. This is a second edition, not a completely new concept, and happily they have kept the innovative cable lock system and gotten rid of the strange ball wheels of the previous model. The cable lock solves the rather annoying issue of needing multiple locks to lock a typical soft side suitcase, there is a built-in cable that extends through the front pocket zipper and locks into the main compartments built in TSA lock, very handy. Lock aside, the case is lightweight, has an expander, comes in 4 sizes including a 2-wheel 50cm upright and a lower, more economical price point than the first edition.


  • The built-in cable lock which is totally unique and solves the annoying issue of needing multiple locks to secure all compartments of a soft suitcase
  • A well-built, lightweight suitcase with an attractive price point
  • 4 sizes in the range including a 2-wheel 50cm upright domestic carry on suitcase


  • Single wheels – there are options at this weight and price point that have double wheels
  • A little bland in appearance perhaps, however it’s a nice streamlined design, just a little on the boring side!

Starts from $155 on sale for the 50cm cabin suitcase - shop it here

Prices correct at the time of publishing and subject to change. 

Images via @samsonite_au Instagram with thanks. 

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