This One's For Bookworms With Wings – 10 Must-Visit Bookstores Around the World

September 14, 2014 4 min read

Book lovers are often accused of being closed to adventure and travelling! Contrary to this popular conception (or misconception), there are many bookworms who love globe-trotting as much as they do nose-diving in their favourite books. If you are a book lover of the kind then we bring to you 10 amazing book stores around that will have you salivating and drooling.

These bookstores are among the most awe-inspiring around the world and if you happen to be in one of the listed countries, satiating your love for travel or foraging knowledge, make sure you pay a visit at these amazing keep-houses for your most favourite things in the world!

Bookshops are wonderful places to discover and live the true magic and spirit of a place. And the list includes locations as far as Argentina and as near as Singapore along with the exotic European places such as Paris, Greece and others.

So without further ado, we'd like to present to you the best bookstores around the world:

1. On top of our list is the Atlantis, Santorini in Greece.

Atlantis Bookstore, Greece

Started by a group of friends from different parts of the world (Cypress, England, the United States), the Atlantis shop is cradled in the heartland of Greece's exotica – Santorini. Offering a picturesque and almost an enchanting view to the travellers and locals alike, the bookshop is a beautiful haven for the adventurous book lovers.

Atlantis Bookstore, Greece

The setting under the blue skies is more mesmerising than a dreamy getaway! Find fiction and non-fiction here in Greek (goes without mention), English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Dutch!

2) Bart's Books Ojai, California

Barts Bookstore, Ojai

If you are a lover of reading alfresco then this cute and amazingly large bookshop in California will melt your heart at first sight.

Barts Bookstore, Ojai California

Founded in 1964, this book has shelves facing up the streets and also a courtyard that enjoys sunshine and fresh breezes. I know you're already dreaming of cuddling up in a corner with a warm cuppa and a book! :)

3) Words on the Water, London

Words on Water, London

Whoever came up with the idea of a floating book store definitely did not believe in rolling stone gathers no moss!

Words on Water

And well this pretty picture on the shore proves exactly the opposite by gathering readers as it travels between Camden Lock and London Paddington.

4)Books Actually, Singapore

Books Actually, Singapore

Beautifully built, visit this place and see your imagination being rewarded with a magnificent reality! The book store is hidden in Tiong Bahru and offers mind-stimulating interiors of which vintage knick-knacks make a huge part of. A must-visit for a lover of art, relics and Indie influence.

5) LIVRARIA LELLO E Irmao,  Portugal

Livraia Lello

Javier Caro Photo On Flickr.

The best place to keep a treasure at is the castle itself! And this book store and library is true to the statement like no other and if you are a Harry Potter fanatic then you already know this bookshop. Yep, it served as a location for many scenes in the series films. It's a beautiful building befitting to be a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

6) Librería Acqua Alta – Venice

Libreria Alta Acqua, Venice

Venice is a city for romantic souls but it also helps you live another one of your loves – books – to the best!This pretty little treasure is perched on a canal that it also overlooks.

Alta Acqua Venice

In order to find your books of interest, you may have to hop on from boat to boat, bathtubs or even a gondola! But who's complaining?

7)Les Bouquinistes, Paris 

Christy Turlington by Steve Meisel for Vogue Italy, 1992

Christy Turlington by Steve Meisel for Vogue Italy, 1992

Forget the fancy and dandy book cafes and elegant bookshops and stroll on the bank of the river Seine for an experience of a lifetime just like Hemingway and other literary experts did.

These offbeat little shops can give other artsy bookshops a run for their money just by the virtue of being on an unusual location and offering vintage books. We say a book lover's life is incomplete without a stroll on this street of enchanting old-era magic.

8) Ateneo Grand Splendid – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Photo by Longhorndave on Flickr

This shop couldn't have been called anything but Grand and Splendid! Well, what do you call a book store which is inside a THEATRE! The books are dramatically placed on the retained balconies and the painted dome. Add to this ambience, a pianist and a restaurant – we say heaven! :)

9) Cook and Book – Brussels, Belgium – Another book store with personality and character that stand out. This store is a space perfectly cut out for literary adventures with a Fiat 500 in the cookery section to a caravan in the travel section and 800 books hanging down from the ceiling in the fiction section. Enter at your will and forget about leaving!

Cook & Book, Belgium

Image Copyright: Cook and Book store. 

10) Librairie des Colonnes – Tangier, Morocco

Livrairie Des Colonnes

­A little shy of the public glare, lies this place – a hub of cultural activities, film screenings and of course a home for English, French and Castillian books. Walking into this little space is like a door opening to the old world colonial French charm and quiet that strikes a great contrast to the cheerful chaos of Tangier. A useful getaway after a tiring day among the throbbing streets of Tangier.

Even if you prefer your own nooks and corner of a reading room, we bet that these book stores must have inspired you a great deal to open your wings and fly to these places! After all, no great story began inside a book but outside it. So get started with yours.

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