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August 11, 2014 2 min read

If you're travelling everyday, at some point a thought creeps into your mind: Are my belongings safe? Will that spooky person in the metro cut the strap of my handbag and run away with my tablet and professional secrets? Will that creepy looking taxi driver rob me of everything I got and leave me stranded in this peculiar country? Well, if this is the case, then an anti theft over the shoulder bag from The Luggage Professionals is what you need. We're offering you the best range of products (not to mention Australian made) at the most competitive prices.

PacSafe VentureSafe Anti-theft Shoulder Bag PacSafe VentureSafe Anti-theft Shoulder Bag

Our Over the Shoulder Bags are above all other bags and backpacks you will find anywhere, because these anti-theft bags ensure that wherever you go or whatever you do, you and your luggage are safe and secure. These totes and handbags can be carried around, on the bustling streets of the Istanbul bazaar, or the shady streets of Old Delhi and even in the rioting streets of Caracas. They'll sit on your shoulder comfortably and you'll roam off the beaten path without any hassle.

PacSafe SlingSafe Anti-theft Shoulder Bag PacSafe SlingSafe Anti-theft Shoulder Bag

We created this collection especially for the security savvy or more bluntly put, the paranoid traveller. We've gathered the best and the brightest in this collection. The Citysafe, Pouchsafe, Metrosafe and Venturesafe collections from PacSafe are here to make a stand against muggers and thieves. Also, the travel solutions from Go Travel will make sure that everything stays organised and out of robber's hands. We have found every little and big portable pocket you could fathom for your travelling, so your safety needs will surely be met.

PacSafe RFID MetroSafe Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag PacSafe RFID MetroSafe Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

All the bags in this collection share similar features:

  • Slash-proof adjustable straps – The technology behind these straps were tested with scalpels, so a mere knife won't hurt it at all.
  • Stylish designs and vibrant colours – Because we want you to look cool.
  • Versatility and functionality - The many compartments and zip locks will keep things organised and safe
  • RFID blocking and padded compartments - Travel safe bags are as safe as they say

Travel on bustling city streets or explore the big bright world, stay safe with our Over the Shoulder bags and backpacks collection.

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