How to pack a duffel bag without unpacking all its items when looking for one?

May 07, 2014 2 min read

Eastpak Warehouse Wheeled Duffle Bag Eastpak Warehouse Wheeled Duffle Bag

Duffel bags are so cool, especially when it's a weekend trip you're packing for. Though we say, duffels are pretty good for at least a 5 day trip, yet a weekend getaway can definitely be made more organised by packing in a duffel.

A duffel bag fits below the seats, can rest in your lap, can be put in an overhead compartment, is easy to carry around and it's absolutely feasible at all times.

So the big question - What's the most manageable way of packing a duffel bag?

Lay every travel item out on your bed

Decide clothes you want to carry and pile them up for each day. For a weekend trip you don't need more than 2 pair of shoes, however if you do, pack it nicely in a shoe bag. Separate your toiletries and jewellery items in luggage sorters.

Have you tried packing cubes?

Pack your clothes neatly in a packing cube before keeping it in the duffel. A packing cube keeps your clothes in place and separates it from the rest of your luggage items. Well ironed clothes remain wearable and wrinkle-free in a packing cube.

Pack a sling bag

Carry a sling bag in your duffel while on a weekend trip. You can pack small jewellery items, safety pins, a sewing kit and other titbits in a sling bag rather than a separate luggage sorter. A sling in this situation acts as a separate pack and also allows you to switch to it when your usual handbag gets too heavy for a coffee date or a stroll in the park.

Put the large items first

Place the large items like the packing cube with clothes and the shoe bag at the bottom of the duffel. On top put your toiletries bag, a small first aid kit, make up bag, sling bag and anything else you want to.

Packing your duffel bag this way makes travel trips a lot easier and organised. Knowing where each item is packed exactly provides more confidence to the traveller. So, juggling between apparel, shoes, toiletries and make-up is not required when packing becomes so easy. And trust our word, unpacking becomes so easy when you use luggage sorters to pack everything you're carrying.

Share your travel stories with us and let us know how you pack your duffel bag the best.

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