Packing List for Full-Time Travellers

September 20, 2014 2 min read

Just when the idea of travelling to different places sounds exciting, packing and lugging around stuff might dampen your enthusiasm a bit. Packing always seems like a herculean task that needs to be accomplished to the best of one’s ability.

Even if you are a minimalist and like to travel light, taking along all the quint-essentials is paramount. The Luggage Professionals bring to you a complete packing for list full-time travellers to keep you sorted while you travel!

Clothes and Footwear - This is probably the only thing on the check-list that you cannot do without, under any or all circumstances! So pack the most comfortable clothes for the journey and the  stay. Even if you are going on a business trip that might last for a few days,  pack in your informal and extra clothing for sightseeing or for that solo exploration to unwind. Also, do not forget to keep your favourite pair of footwear along to relax after a hectic day of work or  shopping for that matter.

Documents - Always carry a copy of your travel and  business documents along with the originals and also leave a copy at home. Important ones include passport, visa, tickets, identity proof, and others that you might require. One set can be kept in the luggage just in case you lose the originals.

Medi-Kit - Make a compact kit of all the prescribed medicines you take or might need for common problems, just in case you fall sick while travelling. It is always good to take precautions and foresee scenarios rather than being in a tight spot at unknown locations.

Toiletries - Everyone prefers a particular brand for each of their toiletry items, be it a soap, shampoo or even a toothpaste. It’s best to take your preferences along rather than be in a lurch.

Electronic Accessories - Do not forget  the chargers for various devices (phone, laptop, camera), and also other additional ones such as a pen drive, hair dryer, ipod etc.

Antler Quadrant Large 4 Wheel Roller Case
To pack all the above mentioned essentials in an organised manner, pick an Antler Quadrant Large 4 wheel roller case. It is strong, durable and can be easily manoeuvred. It has compartments and additional interior pockets to suit your long-term stay needs. The Luggage Professionals take care of all your luggage needs with utmost precision and bring to you luggage from the best luggage carriers.

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