Post-Vacation Blues, No More!

January 08, 2016 3 min read

Post Vacation Blues, No More

Planning for a vacation is the most exciting event but returning from one and re-orienting yourself to routine can be quite overwhelming. Restoring normalcy and getting back to things you had left behind, with thoughts of all the fun you have just had, still lingering fresh in your head, is  very difficult to overlook. But this reverse home-sickness is not difficult to overcome.

We, at The Luggage Professionals, can very well relate to that heart-breaking feeling of returning to daily life while your heart still lies at a beach front or a mountain top! There is no quick-fix but you can always find ways to keep the memories alive without feeling sad. Here is a checklist of some of the possible ways to help you settle down post-vacation. Read on to feel better, if you have just returned from one.

Keep a day for yourself – If possible, keep a day for yourself after coming back and not going to work the very next morning. Get acquainted to the home life, unpack everything, keep all the gifts and souvenirs aside, and try to plan something for the day. Go for a movie you missed out on, catch up with friends and family or anything you do usually on an off day. This way it'll be easier for you to not be sad that the vacation time has ended.

Come back to a spic 'n' span home – Still on a higher ground and cannot stop gushing about the time of your life? Make this feeling a lasting one by returning to a spic 'n' span home. Nothing will refresh you more than seeing everything nicely placed and organized*. A messy home will leave you even more depressed with a void that will grow even bigger when you realize that you have to get to work straightaway.

*Make sure to spread fresh sheets on beds, wiping the most used and highly visible surfaces of the dust, and completing the dishes and laundry. Also, replenish your pantry with the most basic ingredients so that you do not have to rush to the supermarket the moment you land. A little planning will make you feel much better and less worked up mentally, emotionally or even physically.

Start sorting out & putting memories in order -  Nothing better than re-looking at all the pictures and videos and getting ready to flaunt the fun times on your social networks. Make albums, give witty captions, post videos etc. The idea is to engage yourself in light and livelier activities and slowly moving toward the everyday life while conditioning your mind to be in the present and not really forcing it to shift gears immediately.

Plan for the next one – This is perhaps the best escape from the post-vacation blues. Be happy on ticking the place you just visited from your bucket list and move on to planning for the next one in line. This will help maintain the happy flow you are in, keeping the rejuvenated glow on face and glint in eyes intact.

Stay in touch with the new friends you made – Make a deliberate effort to stay connected with people you met  on your trip. This helps keep your fondest memories fresh forever. Whenever you will meet or talk, the trip will be on the top of your lists apart from other things. Also, if nothing more you would have earned friends which you never know can be your future travel partners.

If possible, pen down the adventure – If you travel often, the best cathartic thing you can do is to maintain a blog. The written word will immortalize your travel experience and in turn, help people know a particular place better and in a more detailed way. Also, when you write down, you will realize the level of sensitivity it induces in you to the slightest and the minutest of sights and sounds and make your memoir a heart-touching one.

The rule of thumb is to enjoy both the present and the past while being hopeful for the future! So be in this moment, wherever you are – vacation or not and keep on weaving new stories.

P.S - Just in case you have already zeroed in on your next destination and are in need of new bags and cases, we have great luggage waiting to be picked up at our online store, to make your travels more fantastic. Check out the collection that will literally inspire you to become a globetrotter! Also, share with us, what all do you do to feel comfortable and at-home, after returning from a trip?

Happy Exploring!

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