Rimowa Luggage Carriers - A Class Apart Choice

May 14, 2014 2 min read

Rimowa's story began in 1898, when the first ever Rimowa product was made in Germany. Since then Rimowa has successfully launched a million kind of products and has made its own special place in the world. Now, Rimowa is synonymous with the high-quality luggage. Since its inception, Rimowa has pioneered many a change in the luggage industry. But the most important one and also the one that catapulted Rimowa onto the Global scene, was the launch of the first aluminum trunk in 1937, which was the work of Richard Morszeck, the founder's son. He was intrigued by airplanes which were also the inspiration behind the aluminum trunks. He took a cue from the aviation industry and decided to use the same lightweight aluminum used in planes to make super lightweight luggage. The grooves that the company is famous for came much later on their luggage. The characteristic grooves weren't just there for show, they give the maximum possible stability to suitcases without increasing weight.

Rimowa Multi-Wheel Trolley

Every product created has to meet the highest of standards, set by the company itself to ensure that whatever reaches the customers is of the finest quality. So when you get a Rimowa for yourself, you can be sure that it is going to last you many many trips and be a part of countless stories of your travels.

Here are a few reason why you should definitely add a Rimowa to your luggage collection:

Each suitcase made by Rimowa is a product of 200 steps involving hardcore manual labor.

The highest quality materials are used in creating Rimowa luggage to ensure that they are sturdy and can bear all sorts of bumps and scratches.

Rimowa uses pure polycarbonate for making the ultralight Rimowa luggage. The use of this virtually indestructible material to create suitcases could only be thought of by pioneers like Rimowa.

Rimowa suitcases are not just extremely strong and lightweight, they are also extremely stylish, both on the outside and inside.

Rimowa luggage is made for the traveller who wants a suitcase that is durable, is easy to carry around while running about, bears all the torture travel puts it through and looks good doing all that!

Check out the stunning Rimowa Luggage Carriers Collection at The Luggage Professionals and change the way you travel.

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