Travel Guide For Women Who Go Solo

January 20, 2016 3 min read

Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling.”
― Roman Payne, The Wanderess.

solo woman traveller

When a woman decides to travel alone, everybody advices, warns, and even scares her. And rightly so! A solo woman with a backpack might be an inspiration to some, but an opportunity for evil designs for others. When travelling, to be brave and confident is absolutely essential but to be reckless is inviting danger. A little caution and clarity is what it takes – here's a travel guide for women who go solo:

Connect with at least one local person in the town you plan to visit:

In times when networking is just a Facebook request away, find at least one person in the town you plan to visit who has a mutual friend or relative on social media. Get formally introduced and you are good to go! Networking doesn't mean you need to meet that person, it is good to have one connection for any unimaginable emergencies. Or best, contact people on travel networks such as Couch surfing, popular travel apps such as Journi, Tripoto, etc.

Share your itinerary with a friend or relative and stick to it:

Though unplanned travels are the most adventurous ones, a woman on a solo trip should try to stick to the itinerary. Make sure that you share your itinerary with at least one closed friend or a relative. Inform him/her once you've checked in a new town or hotel.

Use the power of social media: Check out the reviews of the hotel you plan to stay in:

 Social media might be a hassle when it comes to excessive information and connectivity. Once you sign in on social media, it seems that the whole world is marketing themselves or whatever they are involved with. Yet, the constructive power of social media lies in the authentic reviews. A genuine review is an information which is free of cost, but is valuable. But make sure that you're able to judge whether the account is a genuine one and is not simply a paid review.

Pack light in a comfy backpack:

Pack light is an advice which is often reiterated in all kinds of travelling: whether it is casual or business. The idea is not to pack too many items that it becomes a hassle to carry the luggage all alone. So, make a list of the essential items that have to be taken along, and the ones that you might not use at all. Purchase atravel pack which has exclusive light-weight features and is comfortable for your back and shoulders.

Don't carry all the essential documents: Keep the soft copies instead and a PEPPER SPRAY or any transportable safety gear that can be your safety net in case you find yourself in a not-so-pleasant situation.

You don't always need to carry birth certificate, all the ATMs , and the other essential documents and expensive items and gadgets everywhere. So, don't! Store the soft copies in a drive which you can access if the need may arise. Also, a tourist more or less attracts attention. It is recommended that you carry ananti-theft or slash-proof bag to keep the essential documents and valuable items. Keep this bag on your lap while you are traveling in a bus or train.

In many cultures women don't make a prolonged eye contact with the men. If your looks make you conspicuous in a place, make sure to dress rather modestly and interact with men or even women only when the vibe is genuine.

For women who go solo, confidence will take you to places, but caution will make the journey a memorable one !

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