Satchels! Satchels! On The Shoulders and in the Hands

April 04, 2014 2 min read

A file. A phone. Possibly a laptop. A book for the road or the commute. A sandwich. Or maybe a journal. Are those your everyday essentials too? The ones you don't leave your home without? We guessed so. Now if you dump all those things in your big handbag or a backpack, then we'd like to extend this invitation to you to come to the more organised side of life. Welcome this beautiful handbag/ business bag/ satchel into your life and hop over to the more organised, crisp, dandy, and prim side.

And this is not just any Satchel we are talking about but the Berkeley Helena handbag from Knomo – the brand which is known for the functionality and beautiful aesthetic quality of their bags and luggage.

Take a look:

Knomo Berkeley Helena Satchel Knomo Berkeley Helena Satchel

Knomo Berkeley Helena Handbag

Knomo Berkeley Helena Handbag

One look at this Knomo Satchel and you'll know that the life-organising claims are not airy promises but an offshoot of a veritably designed interior structure. Let's get started.

Knomo Berkley Helena Satchel Knomo Berkley Helena Satchel

It's big enough to carry a 13'' laptop but not sloppily big enough to not have the office bag air about it. With a sophisticated textured leather exterior, the Berkeley Helena handbag features not only compartments on the inside but also a slip pocket on the exterior which can be used for carrying the newspaper, keys or your daily train pass. The inside laptop compartment features a shockproof lining which ensures that your laptop has the necessary protection for a long life and can be squeezed through busy subways and crowded corners.

With so many compartments, the Helena Berkeley is perfect to keep your essentials and your accessories within reach. No more hysteric groping through your sack-like handbags or your for-all-occasions carry-alongs. The Knomo Helena business bag with long handles can be easily slung on your shoulders when you want to be handsfree or when stopping over to pick your favourite cuppa.

If not, then you can stylishly carry it along in your hands too. The Knomo Helena is available in two colours – the classic brown and the official black. Make your pick and get this at 10% Off at The Luggage Professionals.

Find out more about the Knomo Berkeley Helena in this video and a better home for your documents, files, sandwiches and of course, the laptop:

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