Spring Carnival Style | His & Hers Packing Guide for the races!

October 28, 2016 4 min read

Spring racing is upon us with the Melbourne Cup in just a few days.  The dress and the suit might be sorted, but have you considered how to pack your formal wear for travel? We've got you covered with a his & hers packing guide for the races.

There's so much to organise for the races it goes so far beyond the dress and suit, with hats, shoes, pocket squares, hair dryers and equipment and even second or third outfit options to cater to Melbourne's changeable weather! On top of that there are a whole lot of rules to follow depending on which day/s your attending, it's a lot to consider so it's no surprise that people think about how they're going to pack last... not to worry, we've thought of everything for you!

For the ladies

races packing guide for her

Luggage Pictured: Samsonite Cosmolite Medium Suitcase in Copper Blush, Samsonite Cosmolite Beauty Case in Copper Blush, Lapoche large luggage organiser black, Go Travel Inflatable Travel Coathangers

Fashion Pictured: Self Portrait Ava guipure lace mini dressKitte the midnight crown headbandRaye Lilly Heels

Things to consider for the ladies are mostly centered around how to transport precious headwear, keep your dress from becoming a crumpled mess and how to cart your entire bathroom with you so you can do hair and make up. Here are our top tips;

  1. HEADWEAR: Opt for a fascinator over a hat if you're flying, store it in a box inside your cabin luggage to keep it nice and safe. If you do have a hat, put it in a box, which will become your carry on luggage. Make sure you can carry it easily so you can manage it with your other luggage - tie some ribbon around the box to make handles if it helps.
  2. DRESS: If your dress is likely to crease or wrinkle, use a soft dress bag inside your suitcase to reduce wrinkling. If it's OK to be folded use a large luggage organiser such as the Lapoche one pictured to put your dress into - this helps protect it from spills and snags inside your suitcase. Get some inexpensive inflatable hangers so you can hang your dress straight up on the other end, and if needed prearrange with your hotel for an ironing or steaming service.
  3. SHOES: Use the Lapoche shoe bag to transport your shoes - it takes up less space than a box but will protect your shoes from scuffs on your way to the races, and protect your clothes from the mud and grass they acquired on your way home!
  4. GLAM TIME: Your usual toiletry bag may not cut it for the races when you need everything but the kitchen sink (although a bathroom sink is essential!) - the Samsonite Cosmolite Beauty Case has room for everything, it keeps everything inside organised and protected and can slip over the handle of your suitcase, which brings us to...
  5. TRANSPORTING IT ALL: The new Samsonite Cosmolite in navy blue or copper blush will get all your things there and will look great in transit. A cabin size if you're super clever, or a medium if you're smart and take a few outfit alternatives for Melbourne's crazy Spring weather.

For the men

mens packing guide for the races

Luggage Pictured: Antler Atom Cabin suitcase in charcoal, Victorinox Werks WT 5.0 Deluxe Garment Sleeve, Go Travel Single Power Bank

Fashion Pictured: Boglioli Blue Slim-Fit Stretch-Cotton Twill SuitCanali Pink Cotton ShirtKingsman + Drake's 8cm Silk-Grenadine TieLanvin Silk-Twill Pocket SquareSaba Nile Loafer

Whilst it's not dissimilar to packing for a formal business trip there are a few things to keep in mind for the races, notably, how to arrive not too creased if you're straight off the plane and keeping track of race day essentials such as your pocket square and cuff-links. Here are out top packing tips for the men;

  1. FOR YOUR SUIT:  A garment carrier or suiter is essential for keeping your suit in top condition. We love the Victorinox Deluxe Garment Sleeve, it's lightweight and slim, with enough room for your suit and shirts without being cumbersome. You can take it on board with you along with your cabin suitcase too, so no need to check in bags.
  2. FOR YOUR SHOES: Keep your shoes in a shoe bag to keep them in pristine condition on the way down. Nothing worse than trying to get your shoes cleaned the morning before the races!
  3. FOR YOUR GROOMING: A generous hanging toiletry bag is key, have everything at your fingertips without needing to unpack it, then simply zip it up and throw it in your bag and you're good to go. We love the Victorinox 4.0 hanging toiletry bag.
  4. TRANSPORT IT ALL: The new Antler Atom cabin suitcase is amazingly lightweight and super strong, it will take you on your Spring Carnival flights for years to come.
  5. STAY CHARGED: A bonus tip - all the odds checking and selfie taking can be a major battery drain on your phone, take a power bank phone charge that you can store in your pocket to stay connected all day and night.

It's a great day out - enjoy!

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