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In the past few years with suitcases becoming lighter, we have seen the emergence of the extra-large suitcase, which is usually around 81-82 cm tall.  These suitcases typically have a capacity in excess of 110L which is enormous! So which is the biggest suitcase available? We've created a list with the top 5...

There are many good uses for these extra-large suitcases, most obviously, if you’re going on a long trip you can pack weeks’ worth of clothing in them. But they are also useful if you are moving overseas, carting gifts or work gear, carrying bulkier items such as ski clothes, or for multi-person packing. For a couple travelling together or a family, it is often easier to combine your gear into one suitcase and just manage one large suitcase instead of 2 or 3. This is particularly the case if you’re herding kids whilst transiting.

Delsey’s handy packing guide indicates that in this extra-large size you could pack;

  • 6 pairs of shoes
  • 24 shirts
  • 8 trousers
  • 2 coats
  • 2 toiletry bags

These extra-large suitcases do have their drawbacks though, and we encourage you to read our previous post ‘5 things to consider before buying a large suitcase’ to make sure that it’s the right option for your trips.

It is also worth noting that some of these extra-large suitcases may exceed maximum dimensions for some airlines, so always check with your carriers before taking it with you. And of course, weight restrictions always apply, so be sure to check your weight before you fly to avoid excess baggage fees, these are easy to run into with such temptingly large packing spaces!

Here’s a rundown of the 5 largest suitcases in our range:

* Capacity measurements are supplied by the manufacturer and they vary in how they are measured. We find some brands ‘run big’ whilst others appear to be more conservative. The following 5 suitcases would likely have a 5L variance between the largest and the smallest, they are all amongst the largest available. The weight of the suitcase should also be factored into your decision.

1. American Tourister Litevlo Extra-Large Suitcase - 138-145 litres; 4kg

RRP $369, Our price $221

Delsey Litevlo - Largest Suitcase Available

This expandable suitcase offers a whopping 145L of space and a minimal 4 kg weigh in. It's also terrific value and comes with all the comfort features including double spinner wheels, lining, divider pads and packing straps and built in TSA lock. It's a must see for those looking for space! 

 Shop it here

2. High Sierra AT8 Range 86cm Wheeled Duffel - 145 litres; 3.9kg

RRP $299, Our price $179

 High Sierra AT8 Wheeled Duffel

Designed for adventure, this extra large capacity wheeled duffel is light, intuitive and versatile. Standing tall and stable, this duffel can be used as a suitcase for plane travel, but it's duffel design and waterproof pockets mean it's primed for adventure travel including skiing, boating, camping, 4WD'ing and any other off path adventure you want to throw at it. 

Shop it here 

3. Samsonite Prodigy 81cm Dual Access Suitcase – 140 Litres, 5kg

RRP $649, Our price $389

Samsonite Prodigy Dual Access Extra Large Suitcase


With generous packing space and a unique dual access design, the Samsonite prodigy is the ideal solution for those with long multi-leg trips or dual person packing. The ability to gain access through the front lid without opening the suitcase right up gives you packing and unpacking options and addresses the most common complaint of extra large hard-sided suitcases (which is they take up an extraordinary amount of space when opened up for packing or unpacking). It's worth a look if you're after quality, security, space and a versatile packing layout. 

 Shop it here

4. Delsey Moncey Waterproof 82cm Suitcase – 135.55 Litres, 5.5kg

RRP $399, Our price $239


The Delsey Moncey is a similar suitcase to the Samsonite S’Cure, with a hard shell and frame and 3 clip closure that make the suitcase very secure and waterproof. It differs to the S’cure in that the interior is lined and has some pockets for organised packing (and is a smidge heavier due to this) but has the same utilitarian aesthetic on the outside with a scratch resistant shell and functional double wheels.

 Shop it here




5. Equal - American Tourister Sunside Extra-Large Suitcase - 122-139 litres; 4.4kg

RRP $299, Our price $179

5. Equal - American Tourister Instagon Extra-Large Suitcase - 122-139 litres; 

RRP $339, Our price $203

American Tourister Instagon vs Sunside

Both American Tourister suitcases are big, bright and bold. Designed to stand out and delivering on value and excellent inclusions, both suitcases are very similar in there design with dual castor wheels, built in TSA lock, expandable design and interior lining with packing straps and divider pads. The Instagon includes a USB charging port for added convenience. Check these ones out, along with place getter 1 (the Litevlo) if you're after the biggest and best value. 

 Shop the Instagon here & the Sunside here


6. Samsonite Lite-Shock Sport 81cm Suitcase – 124L, 2.8kg

RRP $965, Our price $579.00


Coming in equal 5th (see below for the other options), the Samsonite Lite-Shock Sport is from Samsonite’s Curv range which is a patented material that has dramatically reduced the weight of the hard shell whilst offering exceptional flexibility and performance. The Lite-Shock Sport is the lightest of the bunch, with a single pole handle and sports spinner wheels to minimise the weight. This, along with the other Curv suitcases are a terrific choice for those seeking the biggest, lightest hard suitcases available.

Shop it here

Equal 6th – The other models in the Curv range sit at similar capacities of 122-124 Litres, find details and links below; 

Samsonite Firelite 81cm Suitcase – 124L, 3.1kg

Samsonite Lite-Locked 81cm Suitcase- 122L; 4.5kg

Samsonite Lite-Cube DLX 82 cm Suitcase & Lite-Cube Prime 82cm Suitcase - 122L; 3.6kg

Samsonite Lite-Box 81cm Suitcase - 124L; 3.5kg

Samsonite Cosomolite 81cm Suitcase - 123L; 3.1kg


Prices correct at the time of publishing and subject to change* Updated Jan 2021

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